Everett Firefighters Rescue Man Overboard Off Jetty Island

June 22, 2017

Everett Fire

man overboard

Medics stand by the 10th street boat launch.

man overboard

Marine 1 comes back to the 10th street boat launch with the victim.

man overboard

Firefighters work to remove the man from Marine 1.

man overboard

The victim is wheeled up the dock.

man overboard

The victim is transferred to the medic unit.

man overboard

A debriefing is held on the dock after the successful rescue.

A great rescue tonight by the Everett Fire Department. Shortly before 7:00 PM the Coast Guard called Everett Fire and Police regarding help with the rescue of a man overboard a small fishing boat on the northwest side of Jetty Island. The man and his son had been crabbing when something caused the man to go overboard and he could not get back into the fishing boat.

Firefighters trained in marine operations headed to the City of Everett’s Marine 1 rescue boat at the Port of Everett Marina.

Another fire crew went to Naval Station Everett to coordinate efforts with the Navy and a command post was set up at the 10th street boat launch.

A fire crew also went to Legion Park to try to get a view of the boater in distress.

An Everett Fire Battalion Chief was able to make telephone contact with the man’s son who was in the boat. He reported the man was struggling and had been in the water about 15 minutes.

Firefighters then launched Marine 1 and began a search for the fishing boat. They were able to locate the boat west of Jetty Island. They quickly arrived and brought the man out of the water. They reported he appeared to be possibly hypothermic.

Once the man was secured the son was brought aboard and Marine 1 headed back to the 10th street boat launch.

At the boat launch other firefighters and medics secured Marine 1 and transferred the man to a stretcher and he and his son were both taken to Providence Regional Medical Center to be checked out.

At this point there is no word on the man’s condition but he was speaking with medics as he was put into the medic unit for the trip to the hospital.

Truly was a great rescue tonight by the Everett Fire Department.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos of the activity.

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