No Decision By Everett Planning Commission On 2nd Treatment Clinic

June 20, 2017

Everett Government

methadone For the last year efforts have been underway to decide if the City of Everett should double the number of opiate substitution treatment facilities to two. (commonly referred to as methadone clinics)

Right now the only approved clinic in Everett is operating at capacity with a waiting list. It is located in the back of a business park on 100th street west of Evergreen Way. Tonight the Planning Commission held a public hearing to make the following change to city code (subject to city council approval).

The current code allows this use as follows:

(56) Permitted only in the C-1 zone areas located south of SR-526, and in the two existing hospital facilities currently located in Everett or hospital facilities, as defined in this title, that may be established in the future. Only one opiate substitution treatment facility may be established in the city under this provision as a permitted use using Review Process I. In order for any subsequent opiate substitution treatment facility to be established in the city, the city must first adopt an essential public facilities siting ordinance implementing the interlocal agreement to implement common siting process for essential public facilities, include opiate substitution treatment facilities as essential public facilities under said ordinance, and must comply with said ordinance as well as all other applicable regulations.

The proposed amendment would read as follows:

(56) This use is permitted subject to the following regulations:

a) Permitted only in the E-1 and E-1 MUO zone areas located south of SR-526, in the BMU zone located north of 24th street, or in a hospital as defined in this title, subject to Review Process II; or in the B-3 zone, subject to Review Process III.

b) In the B-3 zone, this use shall not be permitted on the ground floor of a building that fronts on a designated retail street (see Map #22-2).

c) Only two opiate substitution treatment facilities may be established in the city.

d) In the E-1, E-1 MUO, or BMU zones, the applicant shall provide with their application a plan describing how the facility will be managed so as to minimize impacts of the facility on the neighborhood related to traffic, parking, and public safety.

During the public comment period commissioners heard from people both for allowing expansion of a clinic into the downtown or north Broadway areas as soon as possible and from people who want at least a 90 period for study and public outreach.

In the end, the planning commission took no action other than asking staff to come back at their next meeting on July 18th to present them with possible time lines on future decision making.

You can visit the city’s website here to look at the documents under consideration.

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