Police Activity In Claremont Neighborhood Was Stolen Car Recovery

June 10, 2017

Police Blotter


The Land Rover was recovered in an alley.


Medics from Everett fire check over the suspect after he was tased.


An officer holds a loaded clip taken from the suspect.

Had some calls regarding lots of Everett Police and Snohomish County Sheriff’s vehicles in the area of 50th and Claremont in central Everett around noon.

Turns out Everett Police were helping the Sheriff’s Office track and contain a Land Rover that had been taken from south Snohomish County.

The Land Rover was spotted several times in south and central Everett and finally found in an alley behind the QFC.

Everett Police located the suspect who ran on foot and was stopped in the 5100 block of Deleware after a taser was used.

A gun was recovered and the suspect was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center before being booked into jail by deputies.

Deputies will handle the investigation as it began in unincorporated Snohomish County.

Here are a couple of MyEverettNews.com photos of the arrest.

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