Sponsored Post – K-12 Online Learning Allows 6th Grader More Time To Pursue Dance

June 4, 2017

Everett Schools

The following is a sponsored post from K-12 Washington. It was written by Tatyana White-Jenkins:

Elle Bullock

Elle Bullock in competition. Photo provided by K12 Washington

Elle Bullock

Elle Bullock

Elle Bullock

Elle Bullock

Elle Bullock, a sixth grader at Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA), can pursue her passion for dance, spend time with her family, and receive a quality education thanks to online schooling.

Elle began dancing at just 18 months old and began her competitive dancing career at the age of 5. She has earned countless awards and scholarships, but Elle’s passion for dance takes a lot of time and dedication. The 12-year-old dances five hours a day Monday through Friday, and with the hours traditional schooling required, there was not much time left for spending time with her family.

“If she was in traditional school, she’d be gone from home all day long,” said Jocelyn Bullock, Elle’s mother. “We have a new baby in the house and she wouldn’t even be part of the family.”

Since joining WAVA at the beginning of the school year, Elle now has time to get her school work done, practice dance, and spend quality time with her family.

“WAVA gives her the opportunity to finish her school work at a reasonable hour of the day and still be a part of the family,” Jocelyn said. “We eat lunch together, she spends time with the baby, and so on. Her life would be so much more hectic without WAVA.”

Along with her daily practices, Elle attends seven or eight national competitions each year, making the flexibility of online schooling a favorable aspect for Elle and her family.

“Online schooling helped Elle lessen the load she would have carried, simplified her life, and gave her more control over what she does with the time she has,” Jocelyn said.

Jocelyn and Elle are very thankful for the support and ease WAVA provides. The ability to access her classes at any time and have teachers who understand her busy schedule make WAVA is the perfect fit for Elle’s lifestyle.

“Elle loves her teachers and learns so much from them – they’re uplifting and encouraging,” Jocelyn said. “It’s nice that she has two teachers that she can talk to even though her schooling is online. I love that her classes are filled with important information while being fun and interesting.”

Next up for Elle is the Dance Awards convention in Las Vegas June 30-July 7. She will compete in eight dances during the 10-day event, and she will perform a pair of solos.


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