Everett To Offer $15,000.00 Signing Bonus To Attract Experienced Police Officers

Editor’s Update 8:41 PM: The Everett City Council voted unanimously to approve the plan to offer signing bonuses to try and attract officers from other departments to come to Everett. Chief Templeman told the council that over the last 3 years the department has hired 51 officers but in the same amount of time 48 officers have left E.P.D. (mostly through retirement).


Everett is offering signing bonuses to attract experienced police officers from other departments.

The City of Everett has reached an understanding with the Everett Police Officer’s Association to allow payments of $15,000.00 to experienced police officers who leave their department to join the Everett Police Department. The Everett Police Department has been understaffed for the past several years by between 15 and 20 budgeted positions and currently has 18 vacancies.

One of the largest issues for Everett Police have been getting enough applicants who can pass the background checks and meet the department’s standards. In addition it can take 12-18 months from the time a rookie applicant is selected to them getting out to patrol. With experienced police officers that time is cut to between five and six months.

According to the memo of understanding between the city and police union the $15,000.00 bonus will be paid out over time with the first $5,000.00 paid on commissioning, the second $5,000.00 paid for attaining the final phase of field training and the final $5,000.00 paid upon successful completion of probation.

The officers hired under this plan have to sign an agreement that they will pay back some or all of the bonus if they leave voluntarily or are fired for cause within four years. The amount of payback is prorated over time.

To start, the 2017 budget for the program is set at $70,000.00 and the department hopes to hire seven experienced officers by the end of this year. The agreement is set to run through the end of 2018 with an optional extension through 2019.

The Everett City Council is expected to approve the Memo of Understanding and authorize the Mayor to sign it at their regular council meeting tonight.

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