Teen In Hospital With Gunshots After Possible Road Rage

May 29, 2017

Police Blotter


The shots were fired in the 8000 block of Beverly Boulevard


A traffic cone marks the location of a shell casing


A close look at one of the casings


Multiple casings were recovered between 7800 and 8000 Beverly Boulevard

Everett Police have received conflicting reports and are trying to sort out exactly what happened after a shooting in the 8000 block of Beverly Boulevard Monday afternoon.

According to Aaron Snell with Everett Police just after 3:30 PM there was a 9-1-1 call about a possible road rage near the Denny’s on Evergreen Way involving a small black car and a white SUV.

At about 3:45 PM neighbors in the 8000 block of Beverly Boulevard called police after seeing shots fired involving a small black car and a white SUV.

Everett Police arrived in the area and witnesses pointed out shell casings in the street but both vehicles were gone.

About 15 minutes after that Providence Regional Medical Center Colby Campus reported a young man had been brought into the emergency room out of a small black car and had been hit by at least one gunshot.

Everett Police officers went to the E.R. and found the victim and a friend. The victim was taken into intensive care, the friend was detained for questioning by detectives and the black car impounded awaiting a search warrant.

No word on the whereabouts of the white SUV and Everett Police are trying to determine from the shell casings recovered at the scene whether the two vehicles were engaged in some type of running gun battle. Witnesses reported seeing different things so right now Everett Police have more questions than answers.

We’ll update as information becomes available.

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