Everett Firefighters Locate And Rescue Missing Lake Stevens Woman


The call of a woman trapped on an embankment came in shortly after 6:00 PM.


A firefighter uses a machete to cut a trail through thick brush.


TR-1 is a special urban search and rescue unit staffed by Everett Firefighters.


Rescuers discuss the best path to reach the woman.


A trail is cut and a rescue basket is lowered to bring the woman up.


A rope rescue system was set up and anchored to a nearby house.


Firefighter power slowly raises the basket up the rope system.


The basket comes up the freshly cut trail.


Firefighters had put Sandra in protective gear for the ride up the hill.


From the basket to a stretcher.


Safely wrapped in blankets and into the medic unit for the trip to the hospital

For the last 24 hours search and rescue volunteers and Snohomish County Deputies have been looking for 68 year-old Sandra Hasegawa-Ingalls.

According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office she was reported missing from her Lake Stevens home having been last seen Thursday morning.

Last night her vehicle was found in north Everett but she was not located. Search teams have been combing the area near Legion Park all day in an attempt to locate her.

This evening around six o’clock, 9-1-1 received a call of a woman spotted on an embankment above the south terminal at the Port of Everett.

Technical rescue crews from Everett Fire began searching for the woman and located her in heavy brush south of Warren Drive.

She had been suffering from some injuries and could not move.

Prior to the fire department arriving, a young man climbed through the bushes and was able to stay with the woman and communicate with the fire department.

Crews ended up using machetes to cut a trail through sticker bushes and heavy brush down to the embankment to where the woman was stuck.

A rope system was used to lower a basket and the woman was pulled to safety and taken to Providence Regional Medical Center.

No word on how the woman got onto the embankment miles from where her car was found last night.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos of the rope rescue. Click photo to enlarge.

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