Task Force Investigating Stolen Trucks In South Everett

May 11, 2017

Police Blotter


One of three trucks impounded from the property.

stolen truck

The investigation was just getting underway and detectives were obtaining search warrants.


This Ford Ranger was also impounded.

Had multiple calls regarding police activity in the 7800 block of Beverly Boulevard in south Everett this morning.

From what MyEverettNews.com has been able to put together apparently there was an initial call shortly before 9:00 AM of a possible stolen truck at a house on Beverly Boulevard.

When an Everett Police officer arrived to check into the complaint people there were not cooperating with him and began walking away.

At least one was reported to be hiding in the neighborhood.

Other officers were called in and as they began to sort things out it appeared there were multiple stolen vehicles on the property.

Detectives with The Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force (SNOCAT) were called in to take over the investigation.

Everett Police officers and SnoCat detectives were on the property for a little more than three hours.

Three trucks were impounded and Shari Ireton with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office tells MyEverettNews.com that search warrants are being obtained for the vehicles and the owners are also being contacted.

Detectives are just beginning the investigation into why multiple vehicles reported as stolen were on the property.

Ireton says so far there have been no arrests.

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