Reports Of Bear Spotted In Lowell

April 25, 2017


Editor’s Update 8:00 PM: We received the following from Everett Police Spokesperson Maryjane Hacker regarding the bear sighting in Everett…

There were three individual sightings of a black bear near Lowell St. and 52nd St. area starting at around 8:30 AM. It was seen crossing streets and walking through yards. It was not seen getting into garbage or trying to get into any other areas. It was not seen anywhere near Lowell Elementary School. The bear was last seen heading back towards the city of Snohomish in the wooded area along Lowell River Rd. It was believed to be approximately 250-300 lbs. It is unknown exactly why the bear entered into a populated area. My only advice is that if someone sees a bear in the city, they should not interfere with it and instead call 911 while keeping a safe distance. Reports of this nature made to 911 will result in a notification to Washington Fish and Wildlife in addition to a patrol officer response.


Bear reported near 52nd street in Lowell Tuesday morning.

We’ve received several reports of a bear spotted in the Lowell neighborhood near 52nd street. The attached photo has been widely circulated on social media. Also others photos of a bear reported further south of Lowell near Seattle Hill Road last night. The bear near 52nd was reportedly spotted around 8:00 AM this morning. We’ve been unable to obtain any official comment from Everett Police but do be aware and know the bear is likely more afraid of you than you are of the bear. It is okay to call authorities to report the bear but don’t try to follow it or get close. After all…it is a bear.

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