Everett Fire Department Will Install Free Smoke Alarms

April 2, 2017

Everett Fire

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Contact the Everett Fire Marshal’s office about their free smoke detector program.

A sad reminder after a fire that took the lives of two women on Wetmore in Everett Saturday morning. The home apparently did not have any smoke alarms.

For years the Everett Fire Department has provided free smoke detectors and installation for seniors and low income residents in Everett.

MyEverettNews.com first reported on the program back in October of 2011. The Department has continued to distribute smoke alarms but the program hasn’t always received a lot of attention.

In interviews to Seattle TV stations this weekend, Everett’s new Fire Marshal, LeRoy McNulty says he’ll make sure the city does a better job in letting people know about the program.

Here’s a link to an Everett Fire Department information piece about smoke and fire alarms.

And here are some recommendatiopn posted by the Everett Firefighters in Action Facebook page

Please take time today to check your smoke detectors in your home. At minimum there should be one per floor outside each bedroom, and one inside each bedroom. Also outside kitchen, in laundry rooms, and garage. More is better. To prevent inadvertent alarms, they make models with a “hush” button that silences false alarms for 30 min without having to remove batteries.

Checking them at homes of your friends and relatives as well can save lives! The Everett Fire Department has a program to help elderly and those who can’t afford them.

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Our deepest condolences to the families and friends who recently lost loved ones from fire. Our hearts ache with yours.

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