Need A Job? City of Everett is Hiring

March 1, 2017

Everett Jobs

Everett, WA city logo

The city of Everett is hiring for spring and summer.

Right now there are three pages of job listings on the City of Everett employment website.

With summer coming many of the positions are in the day labor category which means they are time limited and don’t have full city benefits but are a great way to get some experience, build your resume, try something different and make a little money. Day Labor positions listed include working at…

  • Everett Animal Shelter
  • Everett Parks Department
  • Camp Patterson
  • Coding Camp
  • Day Camps
  • Forest Park Animal Farm
  • Science Camp
  • Golf Course
  • Public Works

There are also a number of full time career positions including…

  • Entry level and experienced police officer
  • Water quality technician
  • Treatment plant operator in training
  • Records information specialist

Some departments have multiple positions open while others have just a single spot available. Click here to learn more.


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