Peebles To Run For Everett City Council

February 28, 2017

Everett Government

Another entrant into the race for Everett City Council sent us their campaign announcement. Here it is…


Candidate supplied photo

Local Citizen and Precinct Committee Officer Jonathan Peebles is happy to throw his hat into the race for Everett City Council Position #3. Here is an announcement statement from the candidate:

When this year started I was shocked and saddened. The work that went into keeping this state strong through our State election saw many successes and some failures. I saw the faces and they were telling me this city needed hope. We are entering a dark period of politics. We have a President who is unorthodox as he is unpredictable. With a cabinet to match. After the last election, there are a lot of people who are scared that their both their livelihood and what the place they live in represents is at risk and need to know that they have a government they can rely on. A government that not only has their back but is also actively seeking to make their lives better.

While I was campaigning for down ballot races I ran into many people that felt they were not being represented and that their voice was not being heard. Also I ran into a girl who did not feel she was being represented and that her voice was not being heard. That the government was just going to do what was in their best interests not what the community needed.

This is a sentiment that continues on to this very day. If you ask any citizen who is representing them on a city level besides the mayor they can not give you a direct answer. This needs to change if we are to continue to be a democratic nation, and over the next four years people will look to their state and local governments for answers. This city will want to know that we are making progress and looking out for their interests. That their local government, the one that represents them closest, has someone you can count on.

This city is in need someone with community experience and a focus on building a community for all. We face a rough, unpredictable future ahead of us. Local government is going to be key in ensuring that the citizens of Everett are represented and that their voices are heard. I want to be a voice for these citizens. I want this city to make progress with all voices heard, all ideas thoroughly considered and every citizen prospering and reaching all the potential they can. Therefore, I submit my name for Position #3 on the Everett City Council so that we can make this a reality. The winds of change are coming and I want to be your voice as we improve our community in this early century, so please join me and it would a privilege to have your vote.



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