Everett Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped Along Snohomish River

February 22, 2017

Everett Fire


Diesel gets checked out by Everett firefighters.

Everett Firefighters got an unusual call this morning from a man whose dog was trapped on the bank of the Snohomish River.


Everett police bring Everett firefighters to rescue Diesel.


An Everett firefighter holds onto another firefighters as he reaches for the dog in the sticker bushes.


An Everett firefighter pulls Diesel safely into the boat.


Diesel is cold but otherwise okay.


Diesel is brought up the ladder to be reunited with his human.


Diesel tries to explain himself to his human…


Now where is that thing I was chasing?

Diesel is a blue heeler who loves to run and chase. This morning his owner was giving him some exercise next to the Snohomish River when Diesel spotted something he needed to chase.

The problem was whatever he was chasing stopped at a bulkhead along the river but Diesel kept going, right over the bulkhead and into the water.

He managed to swim to a log in the river under some sticker branches but there was no way for him to get out.

His owner called 9-1-1 and the crew from Engine 2 responded.

They were able to see Diesel and got a ladder down near where he was hanging onto a log but the river was moving too fast to put a rescue swimmer in the water.

Everett Police were contacted and they provided a rescue boat and driver and the crew from Ladder 1 got on the police boat and came to the area were Diesel was stuck.

One firefighter reached out to the dog while another firefighter held onto him and they were able to safely get Diesel into the boat.

Diesel was then brought up the ladder and reunited with his owner.

Although he looked a bit cold and a little bit guilty, he seemed none the worse for wear.

Another great job by Everett Police and Fire Departments working together on the rescue.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos of the rescue.

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