Murder Suspect Arrested In Everett

February 20, 2017

Police Blotter


Deputies contact a suspect on 74th street.


The suspect comes out of the house on 74th street.


Suspect placed in deputy’s truck received many inquiries yesterday regarding police activity in the 1500 block of 74th Street SE off Beverly Blvd.

Late in the afternoon Sheriff deputies arrested a male out of the house and later served a search warrant. This morning’s press release from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office provides some detail.

Also here are a few photos of the activity we observed. Click photo to enlarge.

A 31 year-old male was arrested yesterday at the 1500 block of 74th Ave SE around 4 p.m. and booked into the Snohomish County jail for 1st degree murder.

The Everett man is suspected of killing a 78 year-old Snohomish woman and assaulting her daughter, a 62 year-old woman also from Snohomish, earlier in the day at the 12120 block of 212th St SE in Snohomish. A 46 year-old man who witnessed the murder and assault, the suspect’s uncle, was taken into custody and booked on outstanding warrants.

The witness had been hired to do construction work on a bathroom at the victims’ residence and brought his nephew to assist him. Both victims were at the house while the work was being done. The suspect is believed to have attacked both women with a carpet knife before fleeing the residence with his uncle. The older victim died from her wounds and the younger victim remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The uncle told detectives he and the suspect fled the residence and that the suspect threw a knife out of the vehicle as they were driving. The uncle dropped the suspect off at his home, where detectives located him.

Major crimes detectives have processed the scene where the assault and murder took place, as well served a search warrant on the suspect’s residence.

The cause and manner of death, as well as the confirmation of identity, of the 78 year-old woman is pending from the Snohomish County Medical Examiner.


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