Vandals Hit Multiple Businesses on Evergreen Way

January 28, 2017

Police Blotter


Police look for evidence inside Mikie’s Restaurant


A hole in the window at the former Hyundai Dealership on Evergreen Way.


One window at Sound Advice was completely shattered after being hit by a projectile.

Everett Police are looking for evidence and video after vandals shot projectiles into windows of several businesses along Evergreen Way Friday night.

The first report came around 9:00 PM at Mikie’s Restaurant. Two windows were hit while the business was open and customers were inside.

“We’re extremely concerned someone could be hurt or worse by these actions,” said Lt. Ryan Dalberg as Everett Police officers went over the scene at Mikie’s.

At least four other businesses were hit including the former Hyundai dealership and Sound Advice Stereo on Evergreen Way.

Dalberg told they’d appreciate any information people may have about the vandals doing this.

The phone number to leave an anonymous tip is 425-257-8450.



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