Begins 7th Year

January 15, 2017



A note from Leland Dart, Publisher, Editor, Writer, Photographer, etc.

Thank you for reading.

I started back in January 2011. The purpose was to provide a place where people living and working in Everett, Washington could find breaking news.

Since that time it has been a 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-week, 365-days-a-year effort.

Sometimes the story is big.

While at times challenging it has also been extremely rewarding. I’ve met a lot of people who live and work in Everett. Some newcomers, some like me who were born and raised here. We share a common interest in the news of the day. I first began doing news reports on the radio in Everett back in 1979. When the media environment changed and cuts were made one of the first things to go was breaking news. Why were all those police cars in my neighborhood? Was that a fire last night? What do they want to build down the street? All were questions that were being asked in Everett and not being answered. With the internet I found I could try and provide those answers in a quick informative manner at a relatively low cost.

Sometimes the story involves trouble

I’m also a big believer in a picture being worth a thousand words so whenever I’m able I try to share photos from the event being covered to bring a sense of context.

Stories on usually run around 300 words. You can read us on your phone, tablet or computer. We give a quick overview of what’s happening. We try to include links to important additional information so if you’d like, you can get a deeper picture of what is going on.

Sometimes the story is about one neighborhood.

Breaking News reports for us start usually on our Twitter page as that is the fastest and easiest way to alert you to rapidly changing or short term events.

Once we’ve secured basic information and photos we come back here to and publish our initial story. We will then update that story as additional information is made available.

Finally we link to our Facebook page so more people can access the story and that’s also where people get the chance to make comments and share information that is relevant to the issue.

We do our best to get it right and when we are wrong we say so. We appreciate all of the news tips, information and constructive criticism that we receive and take it all to heart.

Eric Hicks

Sometimes the story is about new leaders in Everett.

Our financial support comes from advertisers and also our readers. Advertising alone does not cover our costs and we rely on reader’s voluntary donations or subscriptions to make ends meet. We’re not a non-profit, frankly we’re a no-profit but we manage to get by with your help and just like PBS we hold fundraisers every couple of months. We don’t have a paywall and don’t do big drop down ads or make you click through a bunch of stuff to get to the story. We hope you like what we do and that you are willing to support us to allow that work to continue.

This is one of our most popular photos.

Thanks for a great six years and here’s to the future. If you have questions or comments you can address them to me via email at or by phone at 425-280-7620. Our mailing address is 10121 Evergreen Way #25-467 Everett, Washington 98204. If you’d like to make a donation please click on the box below. Again, thank you. Leland Dart, Publisher.

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