Stolen Car Rams Everett Detective, Supervisor Says Don’t Pursue

December 14, 2016


stolen car

Here’s a look at the detective’s car that was hit on 41st street.

stolen car

The car that hit the detective was found on fire behind the Eastmont Buzz Inn.

An Everett Police detective was injured after being rammed by a stolen car late Tuesday morning.

It all began when an unmarked police car and a second marked police car spotted a stolen Subaru in north Everett. As the marked car got near the Subaru it took off through an alley. The marked police car did not pursue.

Other Everett Police responded and the Subaru was spotted at a traffic light on Everett Avenue. As marked police cars approached, the Subaru drove up onto the sidewalk and headed west. Again the marked police cars did not pursue.

A detective in an unmarked police car followed the Subaru at a distance as it went south on Rucker. Other Everett Police units both marked and unmarked came to the area of 41st street in which the Subaru was headed. Others stayed a few blocks away.

Among those who were blocks away was a detective in an unmarked car who parked on the 41st street overpass. As the Subaru headed east on 41st street from Rucker the driver spotted a marked patrol car and sped off. The driver of the Subaru then apparently intentionally rammed the detective’s car stopped on 41st street and drove onto southbound I-5.

As the detective began to follow, an Everett Police captain called for the pursuit to be terminated.

Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell explains the reason the supervisor ordered no pursuit even though the stolen car had just apparently intentionally hit an Everett Police car…

“It’s a matter of public safety,” Snell said. “Supervisors are responsible for monitoring all pursuits and are constantly evaluating the risks associated with allowing a pursuit to continue. In this case, the identity of the driver was known and the suspect had already demonstrated recklessness and a disregard for the safety of others. It is a judgment call for the supervisor and in this case, we were able to take the suspect into custody without incident and further injury within a few hours of this pursuit.”

Here is a bit of the audio of the incident…

So for a short time the car did get away, but was later located behind the Buzz Inn in Eastmont. It appears the driver had set it on fire.

As far as the driver…He was arrested Tuesday evening by Everett Police and booked into the Snohomish County Jail on multiple felonies including 1st degree assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, attempting to elude, possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary and more. The 21-year-old has an extensive criminal history and had a gun in his waistband at the time of his arrest. He is expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon.

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