Resolution Wants To Ensure Everett Is Inviting, Equitable And Safe

December 4, 2016

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On Wednesday the Everett City Council is expected to pass a resolution declaring the city to be an inviting, equitable and safe community for everyone who lives in, works in and visits Everett.

The resolution is being introduced by Everett City Council member Cassie Franklin after Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson issued the following statement during the city council meeting on November 23rd…

In recent weeks, we have heard from residents who have concerns about their safety or the safety of others in the community. The City of Everett cares about all our residents and is committed to protecting the rights of community members of all backgrounds. We welcome all who choose to peacefully live here. We are committed to preserving values of inclusiveness and community safety, and we reject bullying, harassment and discrimination. Our neighborhoods, schools and workplaces should be safe places for dialogue, learning and listening. No one should feel unsafe in our community. If you are interested in learning more or participating in community efforts around these topics, I encourage you to contact one of our many local organizations that are engaged in these efforts.

The current wording of the resolution to be considered by the city council Wednesday is below. (click to enlarge)


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In addition last week Mayor Stephanson highlighted the Everett Police Department policy on enforcement of immigration laws which states in part:

The Everett Police Department shall not undertake immigration-related investigations and shall not inquire into the immigration status of persons encountered during police operations except as described below. This prohibition does not preclude working with federal immigration officials.

Inquiries into Immigration Status:

A person’s right to file a police report, participate in police-community activities, or otherwise benefit from police services is not contingent upon citizenship or immigration status. Consequently, officers shall not question any person about his or her citizenship or immigration status or inform federal immigration authorities of the whereabouts or behavior of any immigrant or foreign visitor, unless that person:

1. Is physically arrested and not eligible for release on a summons;
2. Has been convicted of any felony, regardless of whether that felony involved violence;
3. Is reasonably suspected of involvement in terrorism and/or subversive activities;
4. Is reasonably suspected of participating in an organized venture to bring or fraudulently assimilate undocumented foreigners into the country;
5. Is reasonably suspected of participating in criminal street gang activity;
6. Is involved in a serious public safety incident or situation and it has been determined that there is a potential threat to the public.

Officers shall not request passports, visas, “green cards,” or travel documents in lieu of, or in addition to, driver’s licenses and similar standard forms of identifications. Such documents shall only be requested when standard forms of identification are unavailable, or when the officer is proceeding under the conditions described above.

You can see the complete EPD immigration enforcement policy here.

If you’d like to comment in favor or against the resolution before it is voted on by the Everett City Council you can do so during the public comment period of their meeting which will take place Wednesday night (December 7th) at 6:30 PM. It happens in the council chambers at 3002 Wetmore Avenue in downtown Everett.

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