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November 28, 2016


Cyber Monday

Can you spare 1.5 cents a day for the next year?

Support local Everett news and save $5.00 with this special Cyber Monday – Giving Tuesday Donation Deal!

Normally at we ask for a donation of $10.00 a year but today you can save $5.00 by just giving us $5.00. That’s right, we can’t make this stuff up…, Click here on the donate button and give us $5.00 today and that will save you $5.00 over giving us $10.00! Hurry! Cyber Monday – Giving Tuesday only happens once a year.

What will your $5.00 support???

  • Help cover the cost of gas for chasing Everett Fire Trucks
  • Our annual hosting fee renews every December and this will help with that
  • Internet access costs keep rising and like you, our choices of providers is limited to mega-corporations
  • Taxes, utilities and license renewals

In order to keep bringing you news in the fashion we do, with coverage of breaking events in Everett that no one else can provide, we need support from both our readers and our advertisers. While we like to take a light-hearted approach to our fundraising efforts your support honestly is necessary to keep afloat.

$5.00 a year works out to less than 1.5 cents a day for no pay walls, no huge drop down or cover up ads and a quick read of important things happening in Everett, Washington. So hey, save yourself $5.00 off a $10.00 donation and click the donate button on this link right now.

Then share this with everyone you know. If just 5000 people each gave $5.00 we wouldn’t have to hold public fundraisers every couple of months. (In the last 30 days we’ve had 36,618 users and 99,265 page views, in the last 12 months…528,523 users and 1,775,621 page views)

You can also donate $5.00 for each of your employees or group members who enjoy or if you know of a local business that you’d like to support us as an advertiser, pass along our contact information from below.

Thanks again for your readership, support and suggestions.

Leland Dart


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