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October 30, 2016



You can now comment on all our stories on Facebook

In August we closed the comment section here on our main page and pointed people to our Facebook page in order to make it easier for those who like to leave comments on our stories to connect with each other.

That was met with opposition from many who preferred to comment here as opposed to another platform. then reversed our position an re-opened the comment section here as well.

Unfortunately many people began again abusing the comment section, anonymously posting insults and personal attacks against each other and making comments on things that had nothing to do with the story.

For the last two and a half months has tried to moderate comments and remove offensive remarks, personal attacks and still maintain the ability to post comments with a valid email address. Sadly that has not been enough to keep people from coming up with an email account and phony name and then use their access to spread false information or claim to be a relative of someone involved in the story when they had no relation. This has caused grief for people actually associated with the story or someone involved in the event that was reported. Also monitoring comments here has begun to take up more time than I have the ability to spend.

Therefore once again I have made the decision to turn off the ability for comments to be posted here on the main page. While it may upset some readers who do not want to use social media or who have said they never read the articles but only come for the comments, I’d encourage you to create a web page where you have free reign to express your opinions in the manner which you choose.

Once a story is posted here it is also posted on our Facebook page where we have a community of readers who often interact with each other about the story.

By putting the comments on Facebook you’re able to see the profile of the person making the comment. This takes away some of that hiding behind a screen name and allows people to get a better idea of who they are talking with about the story.

As always I value your support and hope you enjoy being able to more easily connect with other readers of our stories – Leland Dart, Publisher.

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