Crash Shuts Westbound Boeing Freeway

October 21, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

westbound Boeing freeway

Westbound 526 was closed at Seaway.

westbound Boeing Freeway

The car didn’t make the corner from Seaway to Westbound 526

Westbound Boeing Freeway has been shut down for hours as Everett Police investigate a crash that sent one person to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Everett Police Traffic Detectives are on the scene trying to determine the dynamics of the crash that may have involved up to five vehicles. The primary vehicle was a Honda that appeared to have lost control on the ramp from southbound Seaway Blvd. to westbound 526. The Honda did not make the corner went into the dirt and then rolled across the freeway. That caused a chain reaction among other vehicles travelling westbound. Westbound Boeing Freeway was shut down at Seaway forcing people to go back to Evergreen Way and then down Casino Road to Airport Road and then back onto the freeway from there. Police on the scene did not know how long the investigation might take. No word on whether drugs or alcohol were involved. The only person taken to the hospital was the lone driver of the Honda. Here are a couple photos from the scene.


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12 Responses to “Crash Shuts Westbound Boeing Freeway”

  1. hello Says:

    Mr. Dart,

    Can you confirm previous post that driver passed away?

    • myeverettnews Says:

      I am working on that through Everett Police. Last spoke with their PIO at 2:00PM today and no information on condition or the dynamics of the crash. I will continue to follow up.

  2. friend of the deceased Says:

    Is everyone so callous to forget that someone just lost their life and that don’t make assuptions. you do not know what happened in the accident. It just so happens that he had worked all day, overtime and he was very tired.He was not going 100 mph. He had many friends and family that loved him.

  3. anon Says:

    The driver has passed away do to injuries sustained from the incident

  4. Skankhunt42 Says:

    Wreckage! Drove thru the debris after it happened. I give it a 8.2/10 for lasting effect.

  5. Don't speed Says:

    526 and Seaway are terrible roads just because there are so many people speeding at ridiculous speeds. Vehicles traveling at speeds in excess of 100mph are pretty common. I’ve driven these roads almost every day for the last 15 years and I’ve never seen any police enforcing the speed limits, but I see cars traveling way too fast every single time, and far too often there are accidents such as this one. When will the police start working this area?

    Hope the driver is ok.

    • Care bear Says:

      I agree. I never see state patrol on 526. That freeway is dangerous. Everybody is always in a hurry and do not follow the laws of the road. The speed limit is there for a reason. And last night the roads were wet and it was dark. The speed limit is the speed limit for optimal conditions. People are careless and don’t care about any other driver on the road. The “me me me” mentality is over the top on the road.

    • Swartzster Says:

      100 MPH? Seriously? I don’t think so

  6. Wa-fix Says:

    How many accidents need to happen on 526 seems like daily something critical happens….

    • Anon Says:

      I am going to guess that the problem is 99% with the drivers and not the road itself. People have got to pay attention and adjust their speed to meet traffic and weather conditions and MOST IMPORTANTLY maintain an appropriate following distance. Whether you’re speeding, drunk, on your phone, whatever, a good following distance will make an enormous difference.

      • Skankhunt42 Says:

        Lol yah. Because the amount of people everyday doesnt put any sort of film, or debris on the road. And only 1% roads fault. And said debris or animals or even people! You silly. This accident happened near the large pillow i saw sitting on the stripe for weeks. Maybe cleanup crews finally go it. Ill check tomorrow.