Important Storm Phone Numbers For Everett

October 13, 2016


storm phone numbers

You may want to write down important phone numbers.

Here are some important storm phone numbers for people in Everett to have handy in the case of an outage. You may want to print this out as a hard copy in case your phone dies and you have to use someone else’s to make a call.

PUD Outage Line 425-783-1001 – DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 TO REPORT POWER OUTAGES

In Everett, to report water, sewer, or other storm related problems, call the City of Everett dispatch at 425-257-8821.

If you need to report a life-threatening situation or a hazard to public safety, such as a fire, downed power line or a tree across the road, 911 is the number to call.

With the ability of 911 centers to receive texts in Snohomish County, the same guidelines apply. Also, please remember to type the location of the emergency in the first text and to Call if you can and text (only) if you can’t. Some scenarios where texting 911 would be appropriate include:
Deaf, hard of hearing or individuals with speech disabilities.
Caller is unable to speak due to a medical or other condition.
When speaking out loud would put the caller in danger such as a home invasion, an abduction, a domestic violence incident, or an active shooter scenario.

What about situations where emergency services personnel are needed but there is no immediate danger to life or property?
Examples of non-emergencies include:
· Non-life threatening storm related issues
· A found pet or property item
· Emergency services personnel are needed but there is no immediate danger to life or property

In Everett if you have a non-emergency, like the examples listed above, please call 425-407-3999.

When calling a non-emergency number, please keep the following tips in mind:
Know your location or the location of where the incident occurred.
Dispatchers are trained to ask questions to prioritize your incident. Keep answers brief and to the point.

Other good storm phone numbers to have include…

Puget Sound Energy: (888) 225-5773

Thanks to McClain Insurance here are the claims numbers for some major insurance carriers…
Safeco Insurance: (866) 472-3326
PEMCO Insurance: (800) 467-3626
Travelers Insurance: (800) 243-1334
Progressive: (800) 925-2886
Foremost Insurance: (800) 527-3907
USLI: (866) 875-5231

Here is a link to the Snohomish PUD Outage Map. It is only available during major events and is updated every two hours between 6AM and 10PM

Here are more great tips and reminders from the City of Everett…

What to do NOW, BEFORE the storm:
• Find out who in your neighborhood or community might need special assistance, especially the elderly, disabled, or non-English speaking neighbors.
• Know what emergency plans are in place at your workplace, school, and daycare center.
• Identify nearby trees that might fall in a windstorm. If possible, take action to remove them.
• Avoid piling yard waste like fallen leaves and sticks in your yard, where it could wash into City drains. Keep it in a yard waste bin or other container.
• Use a rake or broom to remove leaves and debris from the tops of storm drains, and then place the material in your yard waste cart.
• If you have an electric garage door opener, locate the manual override.
• Know the locations of local bus/transit stations.
• Be familiar with evacuation routes.
• Always keep your vehicle gas tank at least half full.
• Purchase a generator and learn how to use it properly.
• Assemble a disaster supply kit. Stock up NOW on food and water.
• If you have a backwater valve:
• Check to make sure it is working and seated properly. View the City’s maintenance video.

What to do DURING the storm:
• If you are indoors, move to lower floors and away from windows that could shatter and objects that could fall.
• If you are outdoors, move indoor; avoid downed electric power lines, utility poles, and trees.
• Avoid driving and stay off the roads if at all possible. Avoid overpasses, power lines, and other hazards.
• If a power line touches your vehicle – stay inside, warn others to stay away, call 9-1-1 and wait until help arrives.
• If an inlet or street drain appears to be blocked by debris, try to safely clear a channel to provide a path for the runoff.
• If you have a backwater valve:
• If there has been intense rainfall in a short period of time, wait 10-15 minutes after the rain subsides before using water fixtures (toilets, dishwashers, sinks, showers, washing machines) in your home. This allows higher water volumes to dissipate.
• If you are getting storm water into your home from your yard or driveway, sandbags may help. The City of Everett is providing self-service sand and bags at 3 locations. Bring your own shovel.
• Old fire station 4 off Mukilteo Blvd at Forest Park
• Parking lot on west side of Alverson Blvd. across from Legion Park
• Near Silver Lake Park, across from Fire Station #7 at 11221 Silver Lake Rd

If the power goes out:
• Turn off the stove if you are cooking.
• Turn off natural gas and other appliances; leave one light on so you will know when the power is restored.
• Never bring in a gas stove to heat your home.
• Never use a propane or charcoal grill for heating your home or for cooking indoors.
• Never use a generator indoors or in a garage or carport.
• If you are indoors move to lower floors and away from windows.

What should you do if your basement floods?
• First and foremost, mitigate and protect your property.
• Remove all wet items, including the carpet if necessary.
• Get the area dried out before odors and/or mold becomes an issue.
• The City recommends hiring a professional cleaning company to clean and disinfect. If you choose to do it yourself, please see instructions from the Department of Health.
• Carefully document the site by taking photographs and itemizing all items to provide a complete description of everything.


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