Ready To Be Stuck In Everett For 3 Days?

October 12, 2016


3 days

Trees went through roofs and many parts of Everett were without power for 24 hours in November of 2015

3 Days. There’s a prediction of a big wind and rain storm coming to Everett this weekend. Can you get by in your house, car or place of business in Everett for 3 days?

Experts say that’s the minimum amount of time you need to be able to get by on your own in the event of a major disaster. From the “How to Prepare for a Disaster” section of the City of Everett website
Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home. What would you do if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, or telephones were cut off? You and your family should be prepared to take care of yourselves for 3 days or more following a major disaster.

The website has some great checklist information with things you should do before there is a major disaster. Most people know about batteries, radio, food and manual can openers but there are also things we often overlook…

  • Do you have important phone numbers written down on a piece of paper cause your phone battery is dead and you have to borrow someone else’s phone that’s isn’t auto-programmed for your friends and family?
  • You have enough food and water for your family for 3 days but what about your pets?
  • What non-electric games or activities do you have to keep your kids busy as boredom sets in?
  • When was the last time you actually lit a fire in your fireplace, do you even have any wood and when was your chimney last cleaned?
  • Do you have cash on hand and gas in your tank? If power is out so are ATMs and gas pumps…

The above is good for being stuck in your Everett home but what about getting out of Everett? To the north are bridges. To the east is a trestle and a winding river road. To the west is water and to the south are a couple of highways and several arterials. Have you looked at a map to see which is the best plan A and then an alternate route?

This weekend will likely bring the first heavy windstorm of the fall. Here’s some things you may want to be aware of as listed on the Everett Department of Emergency Management Facebook page. (bookmark it, it’s a great resource)

The first major windstorm is headed our way. Take action NOW to prepare for it! Not only will preparing reduce your stress but it could save lives.
Know what to expect:
• Power pole and line damage cause widespread power outages.
• Improper use of generators and propane/charcoal grills cause carbon monoxide poisoning and is a leading cause in windstorm-related illness and fatalities.
• Falling trees and blowing debris can cause severe damage to buildings and vehicles and may also cause injuries and fatalities.
• Office buildings are generally structurally sound, but light metal building and structures such as bus stop shelters, where people might seek shelter, are vulnerable and could collapse, resulting in significant injuries and fatalities.
• Garage doors are the weakest link in the outer structure of a house. Failure at this point has a domino effect.
• Exterior load-bearing walls of buildings can fail resulting in the collapse of the roof. Failure of roof cover and structures can lead to additional damage and entry of wind and rain into the house.
• Weathered, loose window frames are exceptionally vulnerable during severe windstorms.
• Shattered windows can cause injuries and lead to extensive wind and water damage.

3 days

Ready to survive more than 24 hours without power?

There’s also great wind storm information here from the Snohomish PUD will try to update any emergency information as we receive it. Especially in breaking news events we update our Twitter page first so we encourage you to follow us there. We then will update Facebook and then the webpage with more detail as available.

Stay safe this weekend.

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