Silent Auction Today At Everett Farmers Market

October 9, 2016

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Help stretch healthy food dollars at Everett Farmers Market.

There’s a silent auction at the Everett Farmers Market today. Given the sunbreaks and the fact that there are only two weekends left you best get there today. Here’s more information on the auction.

This Sunday Oct 9th there will be a “Silent Auction” during the Everett Farmers Market to help raise funds for the “Match the SNAP” incentive program. Visit the Silent Auction Canopy and place your bids from 11am to 4pm.

The goal of “Match the SNAP” Market Match program is to encourage SNAP recipients in Everett and surrounding Snohomish County to take advantage of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and to provide additional fresh, nutritious food for their families.

Thanks to Sky Russell of the Cowboy Conditions for his donation of 12 framed images from the “Sky Russell Collection” for making this Silent Auction possible. Mr Russell’s world class collection of fanciful and inspiring images from the heretofore analog world of three color published images from great newspapers, calendars, magazines and art books which he has been collecting since 1981.

Not able to attend the Everett Farmers Market on Oct 9th?  The Silent Auction is also up online here is the link.


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5 Responses to “Silent Auction Today At Everett Farmers Market”

  1. Bourne Says:

    Anyone that believes the recession ended really does need to get their heads examined.

  2. Anon Says:

    Why buy icky fruit and vegetables when you can buy delicious pop and chips with your hard earned SNAP?

    • Mark Warren Says:

      Why do you disparage the poor? Why do you hate poor people?

      I hope you never have to learn what its like to be poor, destitute… So many good hard working people were made poor by the last recession. So many people are poor because they are sick or old or disabled…

      But we are easy to pick on. That is why you bullies do it. There is no group that will stand up and defend us and we cant afford an attorney… So you pick on us and slash our ‘benefits’.

      Makes you feel tough huh?


      • Laura Reed Says:

        @Mark Warren: I think there are people out there who have their own personal issues and won’t ever look beyond their own nose unless it is to look down at someone. In order to feel good about their own life and their own poor decisions, they need to measure themselves up against the people who have it worse. To belittle them and to deny basic them human compassion.

        I don’t care about the opinions of people who’ve decided this is the best use of their time. To go on some online blog and anonymously espouse ideas whose only conclusion leads me to believe they would rather see the poor killed. That’s the only conclusion I’ve drawn from that, if certain comments here can be believed as true opinions of people drawing breath, and not of online anonymous trolls.

        There is no winning in an online battle and no recovery of wasted time once you’ve done it. Don’t do it, unless the only reason to comment is to gain something above a petty argument, like to support a cause. Then it’s okay and not so much wasted time. I’m supporting you, Mark, and all of the people (many of which are elderly on fixed incomes) who rely on the SNAP program.

        And there really is no winning. In another post, I was called a “limousine liberal…” sipping Starbucks in my big house on Grand Avenue. Of course, revealing the reality of my entire life would only backfire. I might get lumped into that “poor” group that gets bashed around here a lot. I might get called a heartless conservative for my political leanings, or a clueless boomerang-generation millennial for my age. None of which would be true.

        Anywho, this article is about what is essentially a volunteer effort to raise money for people who need additional assistance buying healthy food. And from the looks of it, they’ve only spent $970 this year matching funds. That’s hardly breaking the coffers of the state and putting us into a financial tailspin.

      • Anon Says:

        I’ve been poor and on food stamps, though. I worked my way out of it. I’ve also worked retail where time and time again the same people come in at all hours of the night using their SNAP card to buy junk food. These are a minority of SNAP users I assume, nonetheless I felt it to be an inappropriate use of the benefit.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being poor is not a condition, it is a lifestyle.