Council Tables Everett Public Works Project

October 5, 2016

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Is this property too valuable to be used for public works facilities?

The plan to replace facilities used by the Everett Public Works Department has been put in an indefinite time out. It’s not the price of the project ($70 million dollars) but the location that has several Everett City council members wanting to take another look. “This is right on a major gateway to the city,” said council member Brenda Stonecipher.” I think there are higher and better uses for this property.”

Council member Cassie Franklin also spoke out against the location and cited the gateway to the city as one reason for concern. She stated she wanted more time to further examine other locations in the city for the facility. Public Works director Dave Davis explained to the council members that they’ve been looking for years for the best site that would meet the needs of the city, residents and wholesale water customers that rely on Everett for their water supply. “This is the only site where we can do partial re-development and avoid costs of a completely new build,” said Davis. “I don’t know what information I can provide that I haven’t already provided.”

In a 6-1 vote, with council member Scott Bader the only no, the council tabled the current project plan indefinitely. Council members spoke of wanting to see if there was a developer interested in buying the 15 acre site right at a main gateway to Everett and next to the light rail and multi-modal transportation center. Proceeds from that sale could then be used to purchase a more appropriate location for the public works facilities.

One thing all council members said they agree on was there is a definite need for replacement of the current public works facilities as soon as possible. Like in most real estate decisions though it’s all about location, location, location.


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6 Responses to “Council Tables Everett Public Works Project”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Hey I know a place right next to other utility infrastructures that would be perfect. It is right off Pecks Drive. I am sure the Pinehurst/Beverly neighborhoods would welcome it with open arms. It is just a hill side right now I hear the city even purchased the Peking Duck so it could have access to 99. and would not interfere Firemen training structure behind it. Except the utility workers may be tempted to cross the street and buy some pot.

  2. TheNoid Says:

    If the Public Works Service Center is forced to be built on a new site so a councilperson’s developer buddy can buy the site, there’s no way the money gotten from the sale will offset the increased price of the new Service Center. Public Works has been looking at the most affordable way to do this for at least 5 years and IIRC, this is the third time the Council has tabled it for the same reason.

  3. Mike N Says:

    So something that would actually benefit the citizens of Everett gets tabled, but they’re perfectly willing to pile drive ahead with wedging low-barrier housing in a residential neighborhood for the vagrants? Why should I be surprised? Idiots. Complete and total idiots.

  4. Jordan Says:

    As Everett tries to compete with other major cities like Tacoma and Seattle for business, property comes at a premium. Save the top dollar spots for businesses that will bring jobs and strengthen the economy. I’m sure there’s abandoned lots all over the city they could build up a new facility for. It doesn’t HAVE to be in downtown.

  5. Bourne Says:

    How about building more low-barrier housing projects in “Everett’s Gateway?”