Drug Use Rampant Near Site Of Proposed Low Barrier Housing Site


You can see the orange cap of a syringe on the ground left from a user who had just shot up.

drug use

Illegal drugs were found on the people in this stolen car behind O’Reilly Auto Parts.

One of the major concerns of neighbors who attended Tuesday night’s meeting on the proposed low barrier housing facility was increased public drug use in the area. Construction on the facility isn’t even expected to start for another year with occupancy set for early 2018.

In the meantime there are already plenty of indications of illegal drug use in the neighborhood.

Just a half a block away from the proposed facility we saw a man shooting up heroin in the covered parking area of the MyEverettNews.com offices on Evergreen Way as we returned from Tuesday night’s meeting on the low barrier housing project.

Everett Police were called but officers were tied up on higher priority calls and after a time the man wandered off leaving evidence of his drug use behind. We cancelled our request for an area check.

Multiple times a week Everett Police and Everett Fire crews are called for people slumped over in cars in the area of Pecks Drive and Evergreen Way. The crew at General Brushless Car Wash has to scour the wash bays for abandoned needles every morning.

There are homeless camps in the bushes right now below the area selected for the low barrier housing site and police and social workers have been trying to work with people in the neighborhood. Neighbors on Berkshire have complained to the Everett City Council about people setting up tents in their back yards.

Stolen cars with people using drugs have been recovered behind the O’Rielly Auto Parts store across the street from the proposed location.

People don’t have to worry about low barrier housing bringing illegal drug use and other problems into the neighborhood around Pecks and Evergreen Way.

It is already here.

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