Drug Use Rampant Near Site Of Proposed Low Barrier Housing Site


You can see the orange cap of a syringe on the ground left from a user who had just shot up.

drug use

Illegal drugs were found on the people in this stolen car behind O’Reilly Auto Parts.

One of the major concerns of neighbors who attended Tuesday night’s meeting on the proposed low barrier housing facility was increased public drug use in the area. Construction on the facility isn’t even expected to start for another year with occupancy set for early 2018.

In the meantime there are already plenty of indications of illegal drug use in the neighborhood.

Just a half a block away from the proposed facility we saw a man shooting up heroin in the covered parking area of the MyEverettNews.com offices on Evergreen Way as we returned from Tuesday night’s meeting on the low barrier housing project.

Everett Police were called but officers were tied up on higher priority calls and after a time the man wandered off leaving evidence of his drug use behind. We cancelled our request for an area check.

Multiple times a week Everett Police and Everett Fire crews are called for people slumped over in cars in the area of Pecks Drive and Evergreen Way. The crew at General Brushless Car Wash has to scour the wash bays for abandoned needles every morning.

There are homeless camps in the bushes right now below the area selected for the low barrier housing site and police and social workers have been trying to work with people in the neighborhood. Neighbors on Berkshire have complained to the Everett City Council about people setting up tents in their back yards.

Stolen cars with people using drugs have been recovered behind the O’Rielly Auto Parts store across the street from the proposed location.

People don’t have to worry about low barrier housing bringing illegal drug use and other problems into the neighborhood around Pecks and Evergreen Way.

It is already here.

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23 Responses to “Drug Use Rampant Near Site Of Proposed Low Barrier Housing Site”

  1. twinceadars Says:

    I’m in SE Everett, in what has always been considered a good neighborhood, and things are going downhill here too—yards not maintained, junk building up, etc. Even five years ago it wasn’t like this.

    Everett has always had a bad rap from outsiders, but the city used to be fiscally sound and fairly well run under the previous administrations.

  2. Fools and their money Says:

    I really would like to see true low income families senior citizens and disabled (not the I’ll play the systen)get the help. Rather than giving it to those that are doing this heroin thing to themselves. Because truly when did heroin addiction be acceptable. Don’t you think its sending mixed signals to the future generation.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Isn’t there anyone we can vote for that can say no to wasting our tax dollars??

  4. Jo Says:

    Since the drugs are already there, might it occur to them that putting low barrier housing by a heavy drug use area will make it harder for the residents to stay clean? I’d want to put the housing for people seriously interested in improving their lives in a safe area, not there.

  5. Wa-fix Says:

    Vote ’em all out!!

  6. Huey Freeman Says:

    “People don’t have to worry about low barrier housing bringing illegal drug use and other problems into the neighborhood around Pecks and Evergreen Way.

    It is already here.”

    Well said, Leland. People are worried about damaging that which is already broken. At this point, we need to focus on a fix. Too bad the NIMBYs didn’t get the memo.

    • Skankhunt42 Says:

      With your logic, it opens a breeding ground for bad people and drugs. How long have you been a resident of Everett for? You, who probably doesn’t even live in the neighborhood. Have you not noticed the downward spiral the mayor and the council have inflicted these last 10 years? Your reasoning is because its here its ok. And its not.

      Tell me where you live, ill gladly camp out and create a need for a place like this in your neck of the woods. You can pay double on tax, and your house tanking in value.

      Go sit on it.

      • Huey Freeman Says:

        I live near Casino, so I know a thing or thirty about drug related crime, thank you very much. I never said it was okay. Actually, if you look at my comment: “At this point, we need to focus on a fix.” And if they were talking about putting the housing site in my neighborhood, I would still proudly support it.

        It’s crazy how people complain about drug use and then when the city tries to fix it, people complain about the fix. How do you propose we help these people? Are you the type that just wants to push them onto someone else and say “Problem solved?”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What I have found hilarious regarding this article is the writer stated that they saw an individual shooting up and the police responded with “they were tied up on higher priority calls..” My neighbors agree that this is the mantra in our neighborhood of Berkshire – you could get mugged, burglarized, watch a drug transaction take place, individuals indulging in a drug habit, turning tricks, people sleeping in your yard, discharge of a weapon, etc. and the police will say they are on higher priority calls. All of the following has happened in the Berkshire neighborhood on a regular basis.

    I am disappointed that they city really didn’t notify the residents. One of the previous articles states that the city would be mailing information to residents. I will get a splendid view of the facility but I have received no notification in the mail and I have lived in my home for a number of years. I did not bother with the meeting last night because no matter what we, as residents say or do, the city has signed on the dotted line and the facility will be put on Berkshire and Evergreen way. I am sorry to see some wonderful people sell their homes. I only wish I could too. With all that said, I agree housing the homeless and lower income housing is a priority but I am just having a hard time believing those type of residents will seek treatment once housed and that this facility will attract more similar individuals squatting in yards and streets.

    • Mike N Says:

      Hil Kaman said at the meeting that 700 cards had been sent out to notify about the meeting. One woman asked for a show of hands how many had received a card. I only saw about two hands go up, out of around 100 people.

  8. Skankhunt42 Says:

    Used to live at pecks drive market. I thought the area was dumpy then. Looks like more poo has been unloaded upon that neighborhood.

    Better get yer gas masks and rubber gloves ready, we are close to becoming the dung beetles of everett. If we havent already.

  9. anon Says:

    No way!
    5 bucks says it gets even worse after housing goes up.

  10. Bourne Says:

    Increased drug use and criminal behavior will skyrocket in the immediate vicinity of this resort prison for the incorrigible. Property values in the surrounding the area will tank further and the city will receive less tax revenue because of it. Winning!

    But the Catholic charities will feel good about themselves. I wonder if Mayor Ray and anyone on the City Council are Pro-Life?

  11. Anon Says:

    If we give these people free housing then maybe they’ll stop using drugs!

  12. Laura Reed Says:

    “People don’t have to worry about low barrier housing bringing illegal drug use and other problems into the neighborhood around Pecks and Evergreen Way.

    It is already here.”


    I agree. The problem is already here. The city is trying to address that with the best possible solution. From looking at the results of other similar programs, this housing program addresses drug use, and has been effective.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      Doesn’t it feel good to be an enabler?

      • Bourne Says:

        She probably lives up on Snob Hill aka as Grand Ave and doesn’t have to deal with the hoi palloi on a routine basis. Just another limousine liberal sipping a Starbucks while feeling good about her various ’causes.’

      • Ray Says:

        The word enable has been banned in Liberal Cities for years. “I see nothing, I hear nothing” should be the reelection chant used by all our fabulous representatives IMO.

      • Laura Reed Says:

        I’m pretty open with who I am, and I offer a coffee and chat to anyone who actually wants to meet up. Nobody else has revealed their identity, and nobody else has taken that offer up.

        I would love to be this limousine liberal you describe and live in a fancy house on Grand Ave. They have some of the most gorgeous historic houses in Everett.

        But yeah, that offer is still open.

      • Concerned Citizen Says:

        this is a city wide problem…there are people shooting up on the other side of the hedge at Grand Ave Park too. Shoot up with a great view! My point is, no part of Everett is safe anymore.