Everett Public Library Launches Everett Massacre Centennial Series

October 3, 2016

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This month marks the Centennial of the Everett Massacre. Today the Everett Public Library announced a month long series of programs to not only mark the the event but to explain in depth the Everett of 1916. Here’s a brief description…

Eveertt massacre.

The series begins October 15th. Click to visit website.

This fall, Everett Public Library presents an ambitious series of programs commemorating the centennial of a seminal event in Everett’s history, the Everett Massacre, a labor confrontation which became a shootout on Everett’s waterfront on November 5, 1916.

The series, which begins Saturday, October 15 and ends Tuesday November 15, is comprised of 10 speakers and a total of 15  programs. The library will also feature several displays, concerts, podcasts, a film series, and pointers to the library’s Northwest History Room’s extensive collection of materials about the Everett Massacre.

The Everett Massacre commemorative series aims to explore not only the day of the massacre itself, but also the social and economic conditions that led up to it, as well its surprising aftermath. The full slate of the series viewed at www.epls.org/emc and on a flyer available at either library branch. With the exception of the film series, all events will be held at the Main Library, 2702 Hoyt in Everett. There is no charge to attend any of the programs.

Series speakers are David Dilgard, of the Everett Public Library Northwest Room; Doug Honig, Communications Director of ACLU-Washington; Jason Ripper, History Professor at Everett Community College; Fred Bird of the Labor Press Project at the University of Washington; Deb Fox, author of The Everett Massacre: A graphic novel; Bill Marcantel, a working shingle sawyer; Cameron Johnson, reference librarian at Everett Public Library;Denise Ohio, creator of the new documentary film Verona; King County Superior Court Judge Jim Rogers; and Seattle singing duo Rebel Voices.

Here’s a great YouTube Video produced by the library to give a brief explanation of the Everett Massacre…

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5 Responses to “Everett Public Library Launches Everett Massacre Centennial Series”

  1. twincedars Says:

    I wonder what they’ll put on for the 50th anniversary of the Everett Tire Fire.

  2. John Says:

    Socialism and Natives have nothing to do with the right of working people to organize themselves to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.

  3. Bourne Says:

    I can’t fathom the amount of socialist propaganda that will spewed forth at this taxpayer funded event.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      I think you hit it right on the money shot. I think they dropped the ball big time on this thing.

      Natives get the most disrespect around here, ya know? All these workers who immigrated here complaining about job wages that’s from the natives land. Why don’t they have a special event for the local native tribes?

      If anything should be taxpayer funded by the tribes, would be to educate everyone on what Christoper Columbus did to them and how he forced them from his land with smallpox. That makes sense since that was practically a massacre too.

      But in the spirit of mass shootings, why not remind everyone that stuff like today still happened back in 1916.

  4. Anon Says:

    Oh how I long for the good ol days.