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October 2, 2016

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Metro Everett

Here are the proposed borders for Metro Everett.

The City of Everett is holding an open house for Metro Everett this Thursday. It’s a chance for people to get a closer look at future plans and also offer input for the area. The area stretches roughly from I-5 to the east, The waterfront to the west, 36th street to the south and 24th street to the north. (see attached map for better idea of the boundary) Below is a press release inviting the public to Thursday’s meeting along with some information about the project…

An open house and informational meeting for Metro Everett is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6, from 5-7 p.m. in the Weyerhaeuser Room at Everett Station. Community members are invited to learn more about potential next steps. Those interested will be able to learn more about proposals for development and provide input on the draft plan. Presentations about the proposals begin at 5:30 p.m.

Everett’s population is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next several decades, with the downtown and Everett Station areas targeted to accommodate most of the growth. The City embarked on the Metro Everett planning effort earlier this year to develop guidelines and potential actions to best accommodate future development, including housing.

“We’ve received great input from people who live in, work in and visit Metro Everett,” said David Stalheim, long range planning manager. “While a vast majority feels the area has greatly improved – new and expanded events, housing, public art and improved streets and bike routes – they’ve also offered suggestions to make the area even better.”

Many of the suggestions focus on making Metro Everett an active place that is safe and clean. In addition, the public has asked that the area be well connected by transit, light rail, bicycle routes and walking paths.

The draft plan includes a proposal to attract more market-rate housing to the Metro Everett area. A market evaluation report prepared for the City shows that new housing development has slowed because rents have not kept pace with sharply increasing construction costs. The plan includes proposed financial and regulatory incentives to make the area more attractive to housing development in the next seven years.

Another proposal would create a public plaza to commemorate the Everett Massacre, with a viewpoint overlooking Port Gardner Bay. “The west end of Hewitt Avenue has tremendous historical significance in Everett,” said Stalheim. “100 years ago, the bloodiest battle in Pacific Northwest labor history took place at the Hewitt dock. Where Hewitt now ends at the railroad tracks, the plaza would provide an opportunity to recognize that history, while providing a place for downtown residents, employees and visitors to look west over the waterfront.”

Another area of importance is transportation, which will be a focus of the Oct. 6 open house. If voters approve Sound Transit 3 this fall, light rail would be extended to Everett by 2036. An initial light rail station plan proposes that the station be placed closer to Broadway near Pacific Avenue to best serve downtown and Everett Station.

Potential improvements for pedestrians include an overpass over Broadway and near Everett Station. A parking garage closer to I-5 and away from downtown would reduce traffic congestion, making the area around the light rail station friendlier to pedestrians.

More information can be found at The draft plan will be available to the public for review on the website on Monday, Sept. 26. For current project documents, visit

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