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September 29, 2016


online learning

Have you considered the option of online learning?

Now that school in the greater Everett area has been up and running for a month or so, some students may find they’re having trouble in a standard classroom setting and may want to look at online learning. sponsor K12 offers a couple of different ways kids can stay on track.

We wanted to take a minute or two of your time to highlight the programs of K12 and ask you to consider if online learning may be right for your family. Its not too late to get signed up.

Washington Virtual Academy

Grades: K-12
WAVA offers an individualized education tailored to each student. The rigorous curriculum includes electives such as art, music, profession-focused courses, and world languages. The Running Start and Tech Prep programs offer dual enrollment where students can earn college credit while in high school.
Grades: 9-12
ISWA’s program was designed to help high school students stay in school and earn a diploma. Highlights include recovery courses, advisory meetings, and highly supportive teachers and school staff. Students also receive college and career guidance.

How is online schooling different from a traditional classroom?

  • Classes do not take place in a building, but rather, wherever an Internet connection can be found.
  • Courses are online with instruction from state-certified teachers.
  • Students work independently in workbooks and textbooks all provided free of charge.
  • All materials and books are sent directly to your doorstep – including art supplies and science experiments.

High school students have the opportunity to attend workshops on college and career planning. Graduates of the K12 program receive an accredited high school diploma. Kids who have completed online high school have gone on to continue their education at Everett Community College, Cascadia Community College and Bellevue College.

Online learning isn’t just for those in high school. There are individualized learning plans for each student and the opportunity to choose from over 240 courses including six world languages. To find out more, click the photo below or call 844-514-8108 and tell them sent you.


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12 Responses to “Online Learning Available In Everett”

  1. Jo Says:

    We had experience with Insight. A couple teachers were very good, but most of them didn’t respond in a timely manner. Apparently they also taught at actual schools during the day and were only available a few hours in the evening and weekends, which they also had to split with out-of-classroom preparation for their day jobs. If you want your child to do schoolwork and have access to classroom help during the day be sure that is going to be available to them through whichever school you choose.

  2. twincedars Says:

    Sound good to me. No more need for schools that look like palaces built by Frank Lloyd Wright, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and chandeliers (i.e. Monroe Elementary at Silver Lake).

    • anon Says:

      So you want buildings to look like prisons? So then kids can hate school even more?

      • Twincedars Says:

        Well, I got through 12 years of Everett public schools with rather modest accommodations, and never expected to be furnished with designer lighting at public expense.

  3. Bourne Says:

    BONUS: NO fat pensions for computer applications and they are available 7/24/365 and not down sunning themselves at the beach during the summer months. Win for the students and win for the taxpayer.

    • Anon Says:

      My point exactly. It teaches students to be responsible. Projects and homework are still due, just because it’s online doesnt mean its for lazy slackers.

      You think social pressures of todays schools fun? This gives an alternative to students who want to specifically learn.

      School offers many distractions that online doesnt. But if you are for teachers holding your kids and your wallet hostage, schools your bet.

  4. Name Withheld Says:

    on the surface, this looks good. the idea is a fail. students will not learn to deal with competition, what it is to lose (and not get a trophy). they will not see what it is like to have to deal with the frustrations of life, like being a “winner” and not getting recognition. these are just some of the many ups and downs of regular life. this, in fact, re-enforces the idea that the everyday rules of life will always offer an exception for “them”. they will be in for quit the shock when real life smacks them in the face. one-point lesson: in real life, if you fall, most of the time there will be someone to kick you in the head, not help you up and say “it’s OK, snowflake, we’ll make it right for you.”
    go to school, work hard, be good, say f-u to drugs, respect others, be a conservative republican.

    • anon Says:

      Then stay in school. If you don’t like it then do online school. It’s another option, not mandatory.

      Frustrations of being a winner? I’ve never heard that complaint.

      Online courses help almost as much as an underpaid liberal teacher in our high schools that have to divide attention between 30 students. But at least it’s an alternative to the left leaning school system that raises our children to be democrats.

  5. sam Says:

    this is a really good post! thanks for reminding everyone that there are so many more options for how to complete high school, including this really cool route one can take.

    • Wa-Fix Says:

      Not really, these online classes really aren’t that beneficial for true education. Technology can help but all this does is separate human interaction which is actually the most important thing learned at school. The materials, none of it, it used much “in the real world”.

      • anon Says:

        Welcome to the real world. Everything is online. Even college- and you have to pay up the butt for that.

      • anon Says:

        When was the last time you went to high school online WA-Fix?

        You seem to know a lot about this program.