Everett Council Hears Low Barrier Housing Plans

September 28, 2016

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Hil Kaman now heads Everett’s efforts to address street issues and homelessness.

Today the Everett City Council heard the latest on the low barrier housing plans moving forward in central Everett. On Tuesday October 4th, the public is invited to a two hour presentation on the plan. That happens at Evergreen Middle School starting at 6:30 PM. The meeting will include presentations by Catholic Housing Services, Catholic Community Services, City of Everett staff and Everett Police with an opportunity for you to ask questions about the facility.

In his presentation to the council Hil Kaman, in charge of the city’s efforts to deal with street issues and homelessness said, “Our number one challenge is lack of available housing.” Currently the rental vacancy rate in Everett is below two percent. Kaman went on to show a video that highlighted efforts so far from the view of police, social workers and others involved over the past two years in dealing with homelessness.

One person in the video said, “We are forcing the community to have the conversation.”

Kaman went on to list a number of other locations throughout Everett where the city looked to site the first facility. All were rejected for reasons ranging from there already being too much low income housing in north Everett to a lack of available parking at a site in south Everett.

barrier housing

A look at the entry from Berkshire Drive.

barrier housing

A look at the west side facing Evergreen Way

Also addressing the council were Will Rice from Catholic Community Services and Rob Van Tassell from Catholic Housing Services. Both men spoke of the work they have done over the last few years at multiple low barrier sites around the northwest.

The two answered questions from council members regarding the facility in Everett and addressed concerns regarding the people who would be living there. The facility will not allow any registered sex offenders, people with a history of arson or people who have a history of manufacturing meth or other drugs. The people have the same type of lease terms as in a regular apartment with the added protection of staff members present 24 hours a day.

Today’s council meeting should be available to see on they city’s website or on Everett TV later this week. There is also a website dedicated to the low barrier housing program here.

In addition to the meeting next Tuesday October 4th, the city will be leading bus tours of low barrier housing facilities in Bellingham so people can see them firsthand. There will also be a Safe Streets Update at the Historic Everett Theater on October 25th.

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5 Responses to “Everett Council Hears Low Barrier Housing Plans”

  1. Mike N Says:

    One person in the video said, “We are forcing the community to have the conversation.”

    So we can have a conversation, but we can have NO SAY? We need to force the city to put this up for an advisory vote. It will not be binding, but it will definitely give them the “feedback” that they claim they want to hear.

  2. Name Withheld Says:

    hey, why not buy one of the apartment buildings on casino road and use it. it already is populated!

  3. Wa-fix Says:

    Since our mayor is so great at protesting, I’ll be sure to show up to this and protest too. What an idea: Lets build something literally no one wants and lets spend the money on something we cant afford!

  4. Bourne Says:

    I cannot wait for Trump to cut the federal funding to this wayward city. The politicians tears will be sweet.

  5. brenda Says: