Vendor To Begin Monthly PUD Meter Readings Next Week

September 26, 2016


PUD meter

It may be a contractor instead of a PUD employee reading your PUD meter each month.

Starting next week the Snohomish PUD and their contractor TruCheck will begin reading PUD meters every month. Here’s an update from Snohomish PUD on how the program will work. You can also get updates on the monthly reading program here.

On October 3, the PUD will begin reading meters monthly for all customers.

What do customers need to know?

The PUD has hired TruCheck, an experienced meter reading contractor, to help with the additional reads. All TruCheck employees will be driving vehicles and wearing uniforms marked with the TruCheck logo and the PUD logo along with the words “Authorized Contractor.”  (Please note the photo below.)  They will also have a PUD badge with their photo.

Keep in mind, your meter will now be read every month so if you provide “day-of” access to the meter reader, you will now need to do this 12 times per year. New meter reading schedules are being mailed the first week of October to customers who have requested them in the past 18 months.

We have split the meter reading routes in half. Half will be read by TruCheck and half will be read by the PUD. Due to route efficiency and planning, customers cannot request a specific employee or company read their meter.

If the PUD reads your meter in October, you will have a PUD meter reader each month. Same goes for TruCheck – if a TruCheck meter reader reads your meter in October, you will have a TruCheck meter reader each month moving forward.

A meter reading estimate can still occur. There are unique cases (inclement weather, lack of access to the meter due to a lock, unfriendly dog, excessive foliage, etc.) which can result in the PUD needing to estimate a customer’s meter. If your bill is based on an estimated meter read, it will indicate as such in the bill message box near the top of the bill.  In addition, the meter read calculation will be followed by the words “est.”

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service at 425-783-1000.

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