Everett Starting Public Outreach On 1st Low Barrier Housing Project

September 26, 2016

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low barrier housing project

Construction is not expected to start for another year.

On Wednesday the City of Everett Administration and Catholic Housing Services will brief the Everett City Council on plans for the city’s 1st low barrier housing project in central Everett.

That meeting is open to the public and will also be carried live on the Everett TV cable channels and the internet. The meeting begins at 12:30 PM. In addition to that daytime briefing there is a public meeting on Tuesday October 4th from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Evergreen Middle School (7621 Beverly Lane)

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson has sent out a letter to people living in the area where the 1st low barrier housing project has been proposed. In it he explains a bit about the city’s views on housing chronically homeless and invites people in the area to the October 4th meeting. You can see a copy of that letter at the below link…


The city has put together a four page flyer that explains a lot about the project. You can get that pdf here.

low barrier housing project

Yard signs have popped up in neighborhoods around the project.

Many neighbors have great concerns over the project including how many people will be housed that are actually homeless in Everett as opposed to being brought into Everett from cities elsewhere in Snohomish County.

In previous neighborhood meetings, Hil Kaman, Director of Public Health and Safety in Everett has said residents will come from all over Snohomish County. While Everett has the largest concentration of people experiencing homelessness in the area the facility will not be exclusive to those living in Everett. According to Kaman, Snohomish County will determine who gets in through a process known as coordinated entry.

Earlier this year MyEverettNews.com paid an unannounced visit to a facility in Seattle that is similar in size to the one planned for Everett. You can click here to see what we found during that visit.

Again the council briefing is this Wednesday, 12:30 PM inside the council chambers at 3002 Wetmore with the public meeting next Tuesday October 4th from 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Evergreen Middle School. Also here’s a link to the city’s supportive housing webpage.

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9 Responses to “Everett Starting Public Outreach On 1st Low Barrier Housing Project”

  1. Bourne Says:

    Love peace happiness spread it now!!!

  2. Mike N Says:

    I’m sure it was no accident that televised meeting is at 12:30pm, when almost all of us are at work. Bet the mayor’s going to load it with shills who will gush about how wonderful this will all be.
    BTW, this is no longer a “proposal”. Everett Herald reported this morning that Beverly WILL be the spot they build this town-wrecker. Like anybody thought otherwise?

  3. twincedars Says:

    Who on the city council is related to or otherwise connected to which of the contractors who will be working on this project? Or should I say “The Projects”?

  4. Bourne Says:

    They’ll have the entire place trashed in a matter of weeks. I’ve talked to quite a few residents about this project and it will be Hizzonors undoing.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      My main job is sitting around. I do that for about 40 hours a week. Then after a long days work, I like to unwind. I’ll stop off at my local booze outlet and pick me up a couple of Mad Dogs. I’ll then go to cardboard box, and drink until the daylight hours. I don’t have a bathroom, so when I have to go I like to use the back of the Wall Street Building. Sometimes 7-11 is good too though. They have privacy bushes.

      When I want to hang out with someone, I pick up my Obama Safety Phone! It was free because they don’t want me to get hurt, or if I have to call 9-11 in an emergency. I usually call my crack dealer on it though. He’s a cool dude, you should meet him someday.

      I can’t wait to move into my new house. Its going to be so clean! I can’t wait until I infest it with lice and damage the whole unit! My damage deposit and cleaning fees will probably also be taxpayer based. That’s awesome!

      Down the street I heard there’s a convenience store for my convenience. That’s great because I’m going to stock my fridge FULL of Pabst. And when my friends come over to check out my new place, we can be loud and disrupt our neighbors who’ve lived in this area for decades!

      This is going to be so great u guys. Maybe we can have a block party! You bring the drinks!

  5. Wa-fix Says:

    This is a disaster.

  6. skankhunt42 Says:

    Ray Stephanson is a turd sandwich. Like anyone gives a rip what that guy has to say anymore.

    • NordicMoxie Says:

      Does anyone know who the mayor of Everett is anymore? I’d like to send him the taxpayer’s bill.

  7. skankhunt42 Says:

    LOL. Now they start informing the public.

    Could’ve helped before they actually approved it behind doors. But hey- at least all those people in the neighborhood can have Geoff as a new neighbor. I hear he’s moving in from his old house, the sewage treatment facility.