Driver Hits Power Pole, Abandons Passenger

September 24, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

power pole

That’s Dry-Chem from a fire extinguisher.

power pole

Firefighters tend to the woman as police check out the car.

A woman was injured early Saturday morning after the man she was riding with drove an SUV into a power pole and ran off.

It happened about 3:30 AM in the 6000 block of Evergreen Way.

Everett Police are looking for the driver and possibly another person. The woman was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center. No word on her condition.

The power pole was moved a few inches and a PUD crew was called out to check its stability.

Here are a couple of photos. Click to enlarge.

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5 Responses to “Driver Hits Power Pole, Abandons Passenger”

  1. skankhunt42 Says:

    Another hit-the-pole and run.

    They should like, ask her the dudes name. Then arrest him for being a Richard. And for nearly killing someone.

    Lordy lord. Glad it wasn’t a person with a stroller and babby.

  2. Name Withheld Says:

    car thief, stolen car, hooker. looking for low barrier housing, i guess.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      Name Withheld. You are looking awfully guilty over there. Seems you know a whole lot about this situation. Perhaps they should take you in for questioning.


  3. Bourne Says:

    Just a random man she was riding with at 3L30 AM. Okay.