Man Arrested For Violent Rape in Everett Also Suspect In Snohomish County

September 21, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update 8:00 PM: Tonight the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office issued the following press release regarding their case…

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office have established probable cause to link 24 year-old Dean Connors to a rape that occurred last April outside the City of Snohomish.

The victim, a 42 year-old Everett woman, reported the rape on the morning of April 26. She told detectives she had been walking along SR9 when a white male in his 20’s driving a white box truck had pulled over to offer her a ride. After getting in the truck, the victim said the driver pulled over and started to choke her, then raped her at knifepoint. The victim fled the vehicle and ran out into the roadway, and a bystander called 911.

Detectives submitted the evidence collected in the case to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab. On August 30, detectives were informed that the DNA they submitted matched a sample submitted by Everett Police Department detectives for a 2014 rape case they were investigating. Working with the victims from both the EPD and SCSO cases, detectives were able to identify a possible suspect, Connors. Connors was interviewed by police yesterday and was booked into the Snohomish County jail by EPD for 1st degree rape.

Connors admitted to SCSO detectives that he had nonconsensual, violent sex with a woman last April who matched the description of the SCSO rape case victim. The victim in the SCSO case positively identified Connors as the perpetrator and detectives noted that the suspect had driven a white utility truck to his interview with EPD.

Today (9-22) the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office amended the above paragraph in their release as follows…

Connors admitted to EPD detectives that he had nonconsensual, violent sex with a woman last April who matched the description of the SCSO rape case victim. The victim in the EPD case positively identified Connors as the man who allegedly raped her. SCSO detectives noted that the suspect had driven a white utility truck to his interview with EPD.

Based on their investigation, Sheriff’s Office detectives recommended today that Connors be charged with an additional 1st degree rape charge.

violent rape

Formal charges are expected to be filed by the end of the week.

This afternoon a judge found probable cause to hold a 24-year-old man on one million dollars bail for a violent rape that occurred in Everett two years ago. In that case the man reportedly held a knife to the victim’s throat while he raped her and also sprayed her in the eyes with her own pepper spray. The victim described the suspect to detectives in detail along with the vehicle he drove. The victim called 9-1-1 and reported the rape to police. Detectives obtained a DNA sample and provided it to a state database.

After the assault the victim called police on more than one occasion and provided descriptions of vehicles that she claimed she had seen the suspect drive. Police took note of that and the similarity of the method the suspect used to other unsolved cases in Everett.

Last month an Everett Police Detective received an email from the State Crime Lab saying that they had a DNA match from the Everett suspect to a rape victim whose case was being investigated by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. The Everett Police and Snohomish County Sheriff’s detectives then began working on matching the suspect to vehicles described by the victims. The detectives were able to match vehicles to the suspect. The Everett Detective was able to get a photo of the suspect and the victim made a positive identification.

Yesterday the Everett detective called the 24-year-old man in for an interview. According to papers filed with the court today the suspect came to the Everett Police Department and sat down for an interview. The detective wrote that the suspect admitted to the activity two years ago. The detective said the suspect also to admitted to other times when he used a knife or chocked women claiming to get satisfaction from “rough sex”.

During today’s probable cause hearing a deputy prosecutor told the judge that the suspect would be brought up on a Snohomish County case tomorrow. In the meantime law enforcement officers are comparing notes to see just how many victims may be out there.

The suspect has been associated with a white 90s Chevy Blazer, a white pickup truck and a green sedan. During today’s probable cause hearing a large scorpion tattoo could be seen on his right forearm and large writing on his left forearm.

Everett Police issued a press release about the arrest today and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is expected to release more information tomorrow. If you have information you can call the Everett Police Tip line at 425-257-8450 or the Sheriff”s Office tip line at 425-388-3845.


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