Input Needed Over Everett Beach Access

September 10, 2016

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Monday night you can give your input on the future of the beaches between Everett and Mukilteo.

Now that the beach access at Howarth Park is re-open, officials are asking for your input on what to do next.

There’s a desire to ensure enhancement of fish spawning areas while making more public beach access between the Port of Everett and Mukilteo. Here’s a further explanation from the Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee…

Public input is needed for next steps now that Snohomish County has completed beach restoration construction at six site locations between the Port of Everett and Mukilteo. The Nearshore Beach Restoration Project supports salmon recovery efforts and recently improved public access at Howarth Park with the creation of more useable beach area. Snohomish County’s Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is hosting a public meeting to gather input on the desirability of continued beach nourishment projects in the area and the feasibility of potential funding strategies.

The meeting will include a brief presentation on the current project, followed by an open discussion between neighbors, community members, and Snohomish County staff on future maintenance needs along the beach.

Those interested in becoming involved in the future of Howarth Park, and other beach sites in the project area, are also encouraged to attend the community meeting.

  • Community Meeting

o   When: Monday, September 12, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Brief presentation to begin at 5:45 p.m.

o   Where: Lions Hall- Forest Park

  • 802 E. Mukilteo Blvd., Everett, WA 98012

Snohomish County Nearshore Beach Nourishment Project

Restoring beach habitat improves habitat for Chinook salmon and supports endangered species recovery efforts. The Nearshore Beach Restoration Project included removal of a rock revetment and placement of beach gravel at Howarth Park. In addition, finer beach sediment suitable for forage fish spawning (referred to as beach nourishment) was added to all site locations.  Natural coastal processes, including storm events, will move the finer beach sediments along the shoreline and lower on the beach profile, providing habitat benefits beyond the area where it was originally placed.

About the Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee

The Marine Resource Committee’s (MRC) goal is to understand, steward, and restore the marine and estuarine ecology of the county. Appointed local citizens use science-based information to develop projects and help shape local and regional marine conservation policy. MRC members harness the dedication, creativity, and wisdom of county residents to complement ongoing government efforts to protect and manage our marine resources. There are seven MRCs in the Northwest Straits region of the Puget Sound. For more information, visit


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3 Responses to “Input Needed Over Everett Beach Access”

  1. Victor Says:

    First, open a Bond Street Access. If this means a pedestrian bridge, get it done.
    Second…there is no second.
    There’s long been a discussion of a boardwalk from Everett to Mukilteo but given the mega-tides, this is not feasible and is thinking that should be discarded. Super tides on one side and mass wasting on the other isn’t viable.

  2. Fuzz Says:

    Make it a homeless encampment.
    Isn’t that the new answer to everything now?