Everett’s HopeWorks Station To Expand

September 8, 2016

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Today HopeWorks Social Enterprises, a division of Housing Hope received word that JPMorgan Chase Foundation will be awarding them a grant for $300,000.00 to help with future expansion. Here are the details from Sara Haner at Housing Hope…

HopeWorks Station

HopeWorks Station is at the corner of 34th and Broadway in Everett

JPMorgan Chase Foundation has announced a $300,000 grant for HopeWorks Station, a transit-oriented development and workforce development center accessible to residents of affordable housing throughout Snohomish County.

“We take great pride in our history of supporting organizations and programs that strengthen the communities we serve,” says Cat Martin, Vice President of Global Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase & Co. “We commend the important work of HopeWorks and are pleased to support its efforts with this grant.”

In general, the grant will support community, transit-oriented and social enterprise development in our community.

“We want to applaud JPMorgan Chase Foundation for five years of support in building the HopeWorks Social Enterprises capacity to be a real solution to the employment desires and needs of homeless individuals,” Said Ed Petersen, Chief Strategic Officer of HopeWorks Social Enterprises. “This grant is a testimony to Chase’s confidence in HopeWorks. Even more, it is evidence of the bank’s commitment to workforce and economic development for homeless and low income households in Snohomish County.”

Specifically, the grant will allow HopeWorks to build its capacity in the following ways:

  • Neighborhood Redevelopment (Community Development). HopeWorks will serve as the catalyst towards transformation of the Everett Station District into a vibrant
    transit-oriented neighborhood. This grant also supports HopeWorks’ leadership commitment in support of the Everett Station District Alliance, an organization of neighborhood property owners and community stakeholders.
  • HopeWorks Station Phase Two (Transit-Oriented Development). HopeWorks will design and develop a new 70,000 square foot building as a workforce development center and residential facility for vulnerable individuals seeking career pathways.
  • Incubation (Social Enterprise Development). HopeWorks will continue developing new social enterprises to join its existing enterprises of GroundWorks Landscaping, ReNewWorks Home and Decor and CafeWorks.


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