Woman Turns Potato Chip Theft Into Felony Robbery

September 6, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

potoat chip

Police wait outside Jiff Lube with the suspected potato chip robber for a witness identification.

What began as a potato chip theft turned into a case of 1st degree robbery Sunday morning.

According to Everett Police probable cause papers, at about 11:30 AM a 40-year-old woman from Snohomish went into the Subway store in the 3700 block of Broadway and grabbed 10 bags of potato chips. The owner of the store chased her outside the door and across the street.

She then stopped, threw down the chips and reportedly drew a folding knife and began advancing on the store owner telling him to back off or she would stab him. The owner told officers, fearing for his life he backed off.

The woman grabbed the chips and ran north on Broadway ducking into the restroom at the Jiffy Lube at 36th and Broadway.

Everett Police took her into custody there and booked her into jail after a positive identification by the store owner.

The woman is expected to make her first court appearance today. She’s well know to Everett police and has had many arrests for misdemeanor crimes over the past several months according to jail records.

Now she’s facing a major felony for using a weapon while fleeing from a theft.


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18 Responses to “Woman Turns Potato Chip Theft Into Felony Robbery”

  1. Shawna Martin Says:

    It’s sad when people don’t see the big picture. If that chiptheif wanted to get better SHE would. please stop giving a dollar for the bus to these junkies cause guarantee that money is not for the bus unless the dealers house is on the swift bus route. So much enabling going on why would they get clean,so they can work and pay bills like the rest of contributing society.

  2. Fuzz Says:

    My question is, did Subway put those Jiffy Lube bathroom potato chips back on the shelf to sell to customers? (Yuck!)
    Or, are they now in a police evidence locker? Ha!

  3. Anon Says:

    If only we had given her free money and free food and free housing and free transportation this could have all been avoided…

  4. Donald T Says:

    Damn illegals!!!

  5. Hillary Says:

    I know her she’s a good person just turning her life around just has her priorities in a mix. Meth first everything else second!

    • anon Says:

      Is it a bad thing that I don’t believe any Hillary?

    • Shawna Martin Says:

      She must be an angel what is that would make her a junkie. Oh yeah her life and addiction is not for you to solve. Her oily hair I bet she dumped her kids with her mom but tells people that her mom took em.

  6. Zach Says:

    Always fun when you drive past some disturbance involving police, then read about what caused it a couple days later, and it’s way more ridiculous than you could have imagined.

  7. Eleanore Says:

    fingers slipped I can spell “Personally”

  8. Eleanore Says:

    Unless you hang around with riff raff how would you know someone wants to sell you their EBT card? Persoanlly I steer clear of riff raff and shady looking trolls everywhere I go

  9. Eleanore Says:

    Funny I don’t see people standing outside of Safeway trying to sell their EBT cards

  10. Mike N Says:

    All that legal pot can really give you the munchies.

    • Eleanore Says:

      I’m quite sure she has no money for pot if shes stealing potato chips.

      • Wa-fix Says:

        Oh don’t be so shocked, it isn’t too hard to sell your EBT so you can turn around and buy your drugs, it’s a very common occurrence here in Everett.

      • anon Says:

        Lol. It’s not weed you idiot.

      • Eleanore Says:

        Idiot? perhaps you should find another place to post your comments or back off

      • anon Says:

        Well, I wasn’t even talking to you. Eleanore.
        I post here often enough to know how to reply to someone correctly, so don’t be so damn defensive. I can call whoever I want to an idiot, whenever I want. Especially for making a ridiculous comment. I replied to an idiot comment with a snarky reply. And now I will reply to your rude comment.

        You are not the mom of the comments section of myeverettnews. Half the time I skip whatever you say because I really don’t care about what you have to say or your political views. You can gladly do the same to me, I would celebrate. Drama on a comments section= The stupidest thing in the world. It’s for idiots.

        I don’t take anyone’s comments to bed and let it sit on my conscience. You are reading a comments section for Everett, WA. What else do you expect? There’s bound to be something else to offend you somewhere. The term idiot, or applying it to describe someone shouldn’t be offensive. If it is, too bad.

        Good day. And apology accepted.