Stolen Car Injures 4 In Everett Hit and Run

September 4, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

hit and run

Two men ran from the front of this stolen car leaving three women stuck in the back.

hit and run

A look at the scene at 21st and Highland.

hit and run

The pickup was hit in the intersection and then crashed into the Ford. A young boy standing near the Ford was also hit.

hit and run

A K-9 was brought in to try and locate the driver.

hit and run

Everett traffic investigators were called to the scene.

Everett Police are looking for the driver of a stolen car who took off from a crash scene in north Everett.

Around 4:00 PM Everett Police were called to a multiple car hit and run crash at 21st and Highland.

A silver Nissan with five people in it reportedly ran a stop sign and crashed into a white pickup truck containing a man and his dog. That truck then crashed into a parked car and pushed it into a second vehicle.

A young man standing near the parked car was also struck.

The driver and a passenger in the Nissan, both males, ran off leaving three women in the back seat of the car. At least two of them were injured.

Bystanders tackled the passenger but the driver escaped. A K-9 was called in to try and find the driver but at this time the driver remains at large.

Police say he’s likely facing multiple charges including felony hit and run.

In all, four people were injured but while serious, none of the injures was believed to be life threatening.

Everett Police traffic investigators are working on the case this evening.

Some photos from the crash.

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6 Responses to “Stolen Car Injures 4 In Everett Hit and Run”

  1. Donal Says:

    Jesse Jones Im so far from a genius its unreal. I just know the girls that got hurt in the accident.

  2. Jesse Jones Says:

    Donal, you’re obviously a genius and highly qualified to be a Police Officer. http://WWW.Publicsafetytesting.Com Everett PD could obviously use someone with your intellect.

  3. Donal Says:

    These reports are not very accurate at all. One female is in the ICU with 2 punctured lungs multipal broken ribs and a shattered pelvis. The other is in Haborview in Seattle fighting for her life. So Everett PD is stupid and you need to get your story straight…

    • Mike N Says:

      Part of the risk you take when joyriding in a stolen car. Can’t feel sorry for them at all. Now the innocent folks, yes. I hope they see justice.
      Kudos to the bystanders who tackled the passenger.

  4. anon Says:

    Good luck finding the person. Hopefully their buddy will cough out a name.

  5. James Says:

    I live right near this intersection and heard the crash. Saw all the aftermath but no one at the time knew what had actually happened. Thanks for the info! Keep up the great work!