Trump Rally Reveals Everett’s Passions

August 30, 2016


Everett's passions

This woman was jumping for Joy over Donald Trump

Everett's passion

Protesters had a wide variety of messages about Donald Trump.

Everett's passions

Bicycle cops came from Bellevue and Seattle.

Everett's passions

Hewitt was divided to keep anti-Trump folks on one side and pro-Trump folks on the other.

Everett's passions

The fence turned out to be a good idea.

Everett's passions

Trump drew a diverse group of supporters

Everett's passion

Trump also drew a diverse crowd of protesters.

Today’s Trump Rally at Xfinity Arena in downtown showed the full range of Everett’s passions.

It was also a great day for those who enjoy free speech and the ability to express opposing opinions.

Whether you were for or against Donald Trump you could find a like and opposite opinion very close to one another.

I spent much of the day at the corner of Oakes and Wall street watching thousands of people form a huge winding line around several blocks of downtown Everett.

Here are some photos and observations. (click to enlarge)

There were several hundred anti-Trump demonstrators with peaceful and not so peaceful signs and slogans.

There were several thousand pro-Trump attendees who spent between one and a half and two and a half hours waiting to get into the arena once the doors opened.

Some people screamed at each other, while others held thoughtful conversations.

Both sides were unafraid to share their passions.

There were more than 200 law enforcement officers from local, State and Federal jurisdictions on hand.

No matter how hard they tried, security screeners could not keep up with the size of the crowds wanting to get in and they kept allowing people in up until the final minutes of the rally.

If you took away their signs, you might have trouble telling the difference between pro and anti Trump folks. They came in all ages, genders, colors and attitudes.

Overall things were orderly with only a couple of arrests and no apparent property damage.

Everett’s passions are many and there was room for all of them in downtown today.

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16 Responses to “Trump Rally Reveals Everett’s Passions”

  1. Dorian Leigh Says:

    I was a Trump volunteer at the rally. I stood with police and greeted the supporters as they arrived. I was so disgusted by the abusive protesters who showed their true colors by yelling abusive language as the Trump voters entered the rally. I stood there for hours being screamed at simply because I was wearing a Trump shirt and was standing for my right to have a political opinion.

    Anyone who would be verbally abusive toward another citizen merely because they have a different political viewpoint, only displays the kind of people who oppose Trump. Perhaps if you had more maturity and respect, you would be able to see the truth in terms of who will be the best president for our country?

    If you were one of the abusive people, perhaps you don’t realize that there were people attending the rally who weren’t sure who they would vote for. After seeing the Trump volunteers being friendly, supportive and kind to them while being abusively screamed at and harassed by Trump protesters, you just helped Trump get elected.

    • Laura Reed Says:

      Were you the lady who was standing in the middle of the crosswalk most of the time?

      My offer for a beer or coffee is open to anyone who wants to chat about anything really 1v1.

      In the grand scheme of things, the next President of the United States will have little impact on our city compared to what the impact will be when you look at local and state elections, congressional policy, and the division caused by arguing about presidential year cycles. I think a lot of us agree on the biggest issues that plague our immediate lives – economic opportunity, immigration management, Constitutional issues, tax reform, drug abuse. But where we diverge is our idea of how to tackle the issue.

      Here in Everett we see the stagnant jobs or growth in mostly low-wage/part-time work (I recognize Fortive is coming to town, that’s good.) It doesn’t build a healthy family when both adults have to work a patchwork of jobs to pay bills or provide for a family. And we see the drug abuse and crime, we see the results of poor mental health treatment.

      This crap bangs its nasty fists into our community, and it doesn’t help when we voluntarily divide ourselves along party lines. It doesn’t help to keep ourselves locked into an Outsiders and Insiders mentality.

      Like I said in a previous comment, the internet is a poor medium for nuance. For every sentence I make, there’s a rebuttal and an assumption. That’s the internet and I’ll let it be. I really couldn’t argue my points without making a book-long post, anyway. But I would love to get out and simply meet more of my neighbors. And maybe we’ll chat about this. Or we’ll chat about my photography, or your love of your hobby, or the newest movie to come out. A president isn’t going to snap their fingers and fix the community. Only we can do that.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Did you get any pics of the white supremacist guy with the big flag?

  3. Diogenes Says:

    I’ve provided financial services to those “undocumented immigrants” you say do the jobs Americans won’t do. The jobs often include painting, bookkeeping, landscaping and construction, all living wage jobs the many “Americans” who were chronically unemployed applied to many times without any luck.

  4. Laura Reed Says:

    It was respectful and peaceful on both sides. A couple of minor skirmishes broke out in the late evening, but police quickly broke them up. I saw two drunk guys walking away from that (not sure if they were involved or just watching) – no one was arrested. That was at about 7:30pm.

    I was there with my husband and the little NO sign. I didn’t like being lumped into a bunch of Hillary supporters, but alas. I folded the sign into a NO. It seemed apt. Just no.

    The police did an excellent job, although I was worried at first when the WSP had their badges covered in duct tape. But Everett represented well. Everyone made their voices heard. No one was hurt. That’s the best possible scenario.

    • Anon Says:

      Oh no, badges covered in duct tape!

      So you put yourself at a protest in hopes to anger the other side, to antagonize the attendees. And you are worried about the police?

      Look what the left has turned into. A bunch of babies who can throw a punch, but can’t take one.

      Stop being afraid of everything, or don’t go.

  5. Wa-Fix Says:

    Wow, what a great rally. A really well mannered group of people excited to see our next president. In addition, he brought 3 surprise guests too! The outside protests were very small and it was apparent how gross and univilized and angry they were. They made their case look bad as over 10k people walked past them.

    • Laura Reed Says:

      I wasn’t angry, I was dancing, waving, and laughing most of the time. 😀

      • Wa-fix Says:

        I don’t know, I never saw you- many others, on video, are seen flipping off supporters, holding signs of profanity, and disrupting traffic. It was disappointing seeing humans act so poorly… it’s also funny watching you protestors considering you did nothing for your cause except look bad.

      • Laura Reed Says:

        On the flip side, I saw a few rally attendees flip us off, call my husband a “****ing lunatic”, call the protest group insane, nutjobs, etc, and tell us to leave.

        All I can boil down from that is that there are these people on both sides, it’s a minority, and it’s their right. Sure, I’d like to see a more civil discussion, less vitriol, and no personal attacks, but at the same time, I am not going to stop anyone – or express my support to forcefully stop anyone – from expressing their belief in their own (non-violent) way, as long as they respect the Constitution, as well. Agree or disagree, that’s the beauty of it.

        My cause, and the reason I was there, wasn’t to support Hillary or necessarily to be against Trump. I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. I wanted to participate in an American process and express my view, which means I spent most of the time silent, or joking around, with a sign I folded into “NO”

        I support the Constitution. I support the right to peaceably assemble. I support both sides’ right to come and express their views.

        And if you want to talk about this more, I will happily buy you a beer sometime. Or grab coffee. Whichever. The internet is a bad medium for nuance.

  6. Anon Says:

    Can’t stump the Trump!

  7. Sue Says:

    The really great thing about this event was the fact that this was an event that was in control and if you had not been in the area, you would have never know it was going on. I don’t even want to think about how Seattle would have handled it because they would not have. Ever been to downtown Seattle when an impromptu protest happens during rush hour or even a protest that was legally organized starts? You don’t want to be there.

    The Everett PD and other police that were there kept things in total control, most people were good with each other, and all ethnicity’s attended on both sides.

    There was mention of obscenities from both sides but truly, when the opposition was shouting, most Trump supporters just raised up their Trump sign.

    It was a good day for Everett and you know it was because the media doesn’t have a juicy story to report this morning. 🙂

  8. Bourne Says:

    Trump set an all time attendance record at the struggling Xfinity arena. The mayor should invite him back more often

  9. Steve Says:

    Just sit back and watch his train crash. No need to get your panties in a bundle. The end is near. I wonder what the propaganda topic of convo will be after this is all behind us.

  10. jordan truppner Says:

    Let’s make America great again, by deporting all the mexicans, and by doing so, creating millions of jobs. Yup. The ones that americans have already said are too low paying/beneath them to perform. Not even prisoners will do that kind of work for work release. Women, they should be penalized for having an abortion. “WE LOVE OUR GAYS!” while mike pence is passing anti gay marriage legislation. BLACKS WILL VOTE FOR ME!! He has .1 percent of the black vote. Trump is negative, negative, negative. Sorry folks, but Trumps campaign is derailed, and ya better jump off before it hits the mountain!

    • anon Says:

      Why would you throw your vote away voting for anyone other than DT?
      News flash- the train crashed years ago. Want more of the same, keep voting the way you do.