Has Everett Boulder Resurfaced?

Everett Boulder

The original Everett Boulder under the Marriott parking garage site.

In November 2014 crews working on the parking garage for the Courtyard By Marriott hotel in downtown Everett uncovered a boulder, known as a glacial erratic. It was the size of an SUV and reportedly weighed 300,000 pounds. It immediately became a social media star with its own Twitter Page. Stories about the Everett Boulder were written in local, regional and national media. At one point there was a Go Fund Me campaign to try and raise the money needed to remove the boulder and place it in a prominent place in Everett. Sadly that didn’t happen. There was a bit of a break up and the Everett Boulder was buried and forgotten. Or was it?

Today a boulder with similar features was spotted at the construction site of the new Popeye’s Chicken in the 6500 block of Evergreen Way in Central Everett. It is unknown if this is in fact the real Everett Boulder that has made it all the way underground from downtown or is just a publicity seeking imposter. Take a look at the photos for yourself…

The boulder could be bad luck. The Marriott project was delayed multiple times since first being approved and though it was expected to open in July of this year, construction continues and an opening date still has not been announced.

MyEverettNews.com thinks it’s too soon to speculate if the Popeye’s project could meet the same fate. Click photo to enlarge.

Everett Boulder

The boulder appears in the corner of the site.

Everett Boulder

A closer look.

Everett Boulder

What does it have planned?

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