Neighbor Responds To Everett Low Barrier Housing Plan

August 26, 2016

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low barrier housing

The person behind these signs expresses their opinion to city leaders.

On Thursday we reported on the city responding to neighborhood concerns over low barrier housing.

Specifically the project under consideration near Pecks and Evergreen Way next to the fire training facility on Berkshire.

Tonight we received a copy of a letter sent to Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson and members of the Everett City Council by a resident in the neighborhood near the proposed facility.

We present it here for your consideration…

Dear Mayor Stephanson,

Thank you for having Hil Kaman send me a two page letter answering some of the questions I had asked you to answer.

His letter went on to say how the“vulnerable” will be monitored, how they will be selected, and all the wonderful things it will be and how wonderful it will assist those “vulnerable” folks.
I don’t believe a word of it. It is all a bunch of “fluff”.

I hope you are proud of yourself for “throwing our neighborhood under the bus” and not letting us know what was intended all along.

Strange how all of a sudden after I emailed you, Hil Kaman starts going around our neighborhood asking about our concerns, questions, etc.

What difference does it make now?

Until I ordered the yard signs saying; Say NO to Low Barrier Housing in the Pinehurst/Beverly Park Neighborhood and put one in my own yard, not one of my neighbors knew of any plans for the low barrier housing project!

I originally ordered 20 signs not sure if anyone else felt the way I did. But, to my surprise, they were gone in half a day with a demand for more! Neighbor after neighbor stopping by and asking us what was going on. Each and everyone of my neighbors were opposing it.

So, now we can expect in the near future to hear and see heavy duty trucks and equipment, increased workers cars,
port-a- potties, materials, etc coming down our streets for the next two years.

OH, but wait….then the poor “vulnerable” homeless will be moving in and doing drugs at Century Park (since they can’t do drugs at the new facility), or down by the pot shop, or in our yards and on our streets!

Perhaps it’s true most of the “vulnerable” won’t have cars, but some have skate boards or BMX bikes so they can ride along side cars undetected and try our car handles to see if they can get in.

I was so proud to live in Everett for 59 years, so proud of living in the Pinehurst/Beverly Park neighborhood
and it’s history, and so proud of my yard and home (Monte Cristo Award). I don’t feel that way anymore.

Well, it’s a done deal now, right? You say it not, but we all know it will be.
Ship them out to South Everett while North Everett gets the new Boxcar Park, etc.

One neighbor stopped by my house crying and they are already planning on moving!
Some are putting up fences, (me included) cutting down shrubs, and some are putting up additional lighting outside (me included).

Shame on you!

Shame on the City Council!

Shame on everyone involved in this project and how it was handled so cleverly and without our knowledge.
You sure fooled us!


Dxxxx Oxxxx
XXXX Berkshire Drive
Everett, WA 98203

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