Forget Forbidden, Ynot Is Back In Everett

August 23, 2016

Downtown Everett, Everett


Co-Owner Yvette Otto points to the Ynot sign soon to replace the Forbidden.

“I tried to embrace the Forbidden name but there was zero positive feedback,” said co-owner Yvette Otto. stopped in today after seeing a banner out front saying the Ynot name was returning. In May the television show Bar Rescue came to Everett and did a full make-over replacing the sports theme with more of an Asian style.

“I tried to defend it for two months,” said Otto. “Customers were confused and many even thought we changed ownership.” September 1st will mark the third year of ownership for Otto and Jon Ellis. Otto says she really liked many of the things the Bar Rescue show did but the name Forbidden wasn’t working and the menu wasn’t right. They’ve brought back many but not all of the old Ynot menu items and have put the sports theme back into play.

They did permanently end the Goldfish Racing and retired the track, which is now on display up on the back wall. The Ynot remains kid friendly with a special kids menu and has also added acoustic music on Thursday evenings. If you’d like to see the episode of Bar Rescue featuring the transformation into Forbidden, it is expected to air on the Spike TV network on September 25th.

The show is expected to have a crew back in Everett sometime in the next few weeks to film some follow-up scenes. If you’d like to learn more about the Ynot Sports Pub and Grub check out their Facebook page here.


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15 Responses to “Forget Forbidden, Ynot Is Back In Everett”

  1. Victor Says:

    There’s a possibility FORBIDDEN might have worked in Everett, had we a pirate’s mentality, hidden coves and sunken treasurer. That’s not Everett. It was a goofy name and should be the name that is never uttered. Why not?
    The problem is the location. Fishtale has been vacant for many months. There’s little housing in the neighborhood to support the venues and the Everett Events Center is sorely under booked to draw patrons. Until there are ne multi use towers, with the good income and a desire to make downtown Everett a fun place, at Broadway and California, Broadway and Hewitt, Broadway and Wall, as well as Hewitt and Lombard, this block will struggle.
    I’m happy to see the name chage before the hockey season begins.

  2. Bourne Says:

    Now this is some hard hitting news.

  3. Kayla Says:

    I work a few buildings down from here and a few coworkers and I frequent the place. I enjoy it! The bartenders are very personable and try to get to know you. Im glad its going back to the ynot, but it was fun to try something new for a minute! Good job guys!

  4. Phillip Says:

    I was in the Ynot and liked the big burgers. But one day I went to go there and saw the forbidden sign and got a major creepy feeling.
    We all go to the new buzz inn on Broadway now.

  5. Jon T Says:

    Why do the Rescue if everything was fine? I for one am looking forward to the new owners we will see in two years. Ynot just say bye-bye now…

  6. Heather Says:

    I would love to see this episode, but Comcast/Xfinity got rid of Spike TV a few months back…unless they brought it back for certain cable packages. Anyone know?

    • anon Says:

      I watch COPS every Saturday night in hopes they will make a contract with Everett, WA.

      Spike TV, if you’re looking. Our city is very proud of it’s criminals, please show them off on a national scale.

    • Union Girl Says:

      I have just the basic Comcast package and I see the show Bar Rescue listed in the lineup. I always check to see if the Ynot is the show on that night but I guess it’s not until September. I don’t remember what channel I see it on but it’s there. Maybe they are re-runs.

    • Mike N Says:

      I have the basic cable package with Xfinity. Spike TV is channel 57, I believe.

  7. Trent O. Says:

    You should of kept the new name & new menu items. I feel bad that you only gave it 2 months. We were all excited about the great changes.

  8. Wa-fix Says:

    YNot is a way better name than the negative Forbidden. Good choice and much better colors too.

  9. Jon Ellis Says:

    I want to thank all our regulars who has supported us through this endeavor, its been a crazy ride!

    Jon Ellis

    • Drew Says:

      Yvette, GOOFY Jon and You are total LOSERS and after changing back the name as y’all did I really HOPE you fail and have to close and lock your doors.


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