53% Of Way To Summer Supporters Goal

August 20, 2016


Editor’s Update Sunday August 21st 7:20 AM: Yesterday 8 more summer supporters made their pledge bringing us to 61. That leaves us 39 away from our goal with 10 days to go. As far as readers yesterday…3312 unique visitors, 3606 sessions and 4814 pageviews. Like reading us on Sundays but haven’t made a donation yet? Just click here.


Who else shows you firefighters saving kittens?

McDougall fire

An Everett firefighter carries a kitten out the front door

13 more summer supporters yesterday brings us past the halfway mark as we try to get 100 summer supporters to send at least 3 cents a day ($10.00 a year) in support of MyEverettNews.com. Here’s the link to our donation page where you can give by credit or debit card, paypal or we have our mailing address if you’d prefer to send a check. Go ahead and do it now, we’ll wait…

Thanks, MyEverettNews.com is an independently operated website. No big media company here. I’m a former radio reporter who saw a need for breaking news coverage in Everett, Washington. You can read us on your computer, tablet or phone, whichever works best for you. Stories typically begin with a post and photo on Twitter. Our Twitter Feed is also where we post many traffic reports and power outage information that may not rise to the level of a story here on the home page. You can follow us on Twitter here.

Once we’ve gathered our initial information and pictures from a story it gets posted here on our main website. We then also update our Twitter Feed and also put up a link on our Facebook page. This makes it easy for people to share the story with friends and family who may be interested.

Yesterday we had 5,678 unique users, 6,119 sessions and 7,963 page views. We also had 13 new summer supporters bringing us to 53 for the month. If you like what we do we really could use your support right now. Thank You – Leland Dart.


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