Everett PD Anti-Crime Unit Refocused On Gangs


Gang shooting activity in Everett ebbs and flows.


Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman addressed the Everett City council Wednesday night.

Late last year Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman re-assigned the Everett Police Anti-Crime Team to deal with street issues focusing on homelessness and away from gang activity. Now that the city has started to fill positions in its Community Outreach and Enforcement Team, Templeman is returning the focus of the anti-crime team to gang issues.

Yesterday Templeman told the Everett City Council public safety committee that two social workers are now on the streets full time and Sgt. Mike Braley has been appointed to lead COET team along with one officer.

Three other officer positions still need to be filled in the team. That will happen as officers become available from vacations, training and medical leaves. There are also bike officers available to help the Safe Streets crews as needed.

Templeman also told the public safety committee that 54% of patrol officers currently on the street have completed 40 hours of Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation training. There are four more sessions to go this year. Also 28 people in Everett have been successfully saved by first responders using Naloxone over the last 15 months. 53 county-wide. The drug can rapidly reverse the effects of a heroin overdose.

While the anti-crime team was focused on street level issues special 2-officer cars were assigned as available to monitor gang activity in the city. Templeman says he wants to be sure a focus on gang activity remains part of Everett’s policing plan. The anti-crime team will also remain available to the Community Outreach and Enforcement Unit as needed.


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