First Homes Going Up In Riverfront Development

August 15, 2016

Everett, Everett Economy


Click to enlarge map showing the three phases of the single family housing project.


The sales office and model homes are going up.


A look at the model homes.


The underground utilities are in place for the Townhouses next to the river.


The encampments have been removed from along the retaining wall at I-5 between 36th street and Pacific.

Polygon has begun construction of the first homes in the Riverfront Development. Phase 1 is the Overlook at Riverfront and will consist of 70 single family homes. On Wednesday the Everett City Council will get a briefing on the Phase 1 Final Plat and is expected to give final approval on August 24th. While the lots can’t be sold until final approval is given Polygon has already begun building a sales office and several display homes. This is the development of the old Simpson Mill site located south and east of 41st street.
You can see the Phase 1 documents here.

The Council will also get a briefing on the development of 190 townhouses in a development called the Towns at Riverfront. This is the area accessed by Pacific Avenue and Eclipse Mill Road east of I-5 and north of 36th street. The utilities are in and the city council will decide on final plat approval for this section on September 14th. You can see the documents for the Towns at Riverfront here.

In a drive through of the site it appears the stretch of encampments between the railroad tracks and Interstate 5 have been cleaned out. The encampments were the scene of a murder earlier this year.

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6 Responses to “First Homes Going Up In Riverfront Development”

  1. Beverly Says:

    I was bred, born and raised in Everett!
    I hate to see this happening for alot of different reasons! I miss the old Everett from the 1960’s and 70’s!!! Alot of Everett natives wont be able to afford these “residences” they are filling our city up with!!!! ;/

  2. Bourne Says:

    Agenda 21 alive and well in the city of Everett. I bet the town fathers are drooling over the sweet sweet property taxes(lucre)that will be rolling in soon. Pack’em in roll em up…

  3. Eleanore Says:

    flushed the homeless out of their encampments wonder where they will hole up now

    • Wa-fix Says:

      You’re a lovin’ liberal, why not invite them into your house?

      • Jack kass Says:

        I see the homeless using that nice trail that takes you down the river. Dudes stumbling around, camping out. I wish they had a place to go. Oh wait, they do.

      • Eleanore Says:

        you never make any sense in your comments maybe Lee should go back to banning comments I wouldn’t miss yours at all