Thief Steals Quad From 7-Year-Old Everett Girl

August 2, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

In Everett and around the country it’s National Night Out against crime. It’s an event that encourages neighbors to get to know one another and be on the look out for each other. If you’re in north Everett, please also keep an eye open for this quad which was taken. Here’s the information we received about the theft…

Missing kids quad!!!


A photo of the quad

My 7 year old daughter’s quad was stolen from our apartment in North Everett last night. We had it locked up with a super heavy duty lock, which they somehow snipped or broke to take it away. The back tail light is broke, and has a piece of blue painter’s tape over it. The front headlight is also broken, just a rock chip in that. There are broken parts on it, including the fuel filter and air filter, which we had yet to fix. It is a Tao Tao 110cc. Please keep your eyes out. She is going to be devastated when she gets home and sees that it’s gone. We were just fixing it up so she could start riding again. Please, please bring it back. I have added a photo of what it looks like with the Plastics on it. You can see how happy my daughter is when she is riding.

The Everett Police Department has been contacted and there is a report on file. Mom tells that this isn’t the first item taken from the girl’s apartment. Previously her bike and scooter had also been taken. If you have information on the quad, contact Everett Police. Their tip line number is 425-257-8450. Here are a couple more photos…



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