Everett Moving Forward With Mandatory Alcohol Impact Areas

Alcohol Impact Area

City attorney David Hall explained the Alcohol Impact Area to the Everett City Council in April of 2015.

Since there was so little cooperation with voluntary alcohol impact areas, the City of Everett is now moving forward in officially making the ban mandatory.

Here’s a press release issued by the city today with details and a way for you to submit your own comments on the issue…

The Everett Police Department has submitted an application asking the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to place a ban on a list of beer/malt liquor products in the core commercial area, creating a mandatory alcohol impact area (AIA) in the City of Everett. The WSLCB has opened a comment period to allow affected liquor license holders to submit input through Monday, Aug. 15.

The AIA was established in Everett in May 2015. Creating an AIA to reduce the negative impacts of chronic inebriation and associated illegal activity was a priority recommendation of the Community Streets Initiative task force.

The first phase of the AIA was a six-month period of voluntary compliance where Everett Police officers worked with businesses within the AIA boundaries to educate them about the program and request that they voluntarily stop selling specified alcohol products.

In an initial update of this plan in late 2015, Everett Police reported that of the 101 businesses in the AIA boundaries, about 70 percent were still selling the restricted products. Fifteen percent had stopped selling the products and 14 percent never sold the products.

Using Everett Fire Department data, the department also noted a 10 percent decrease in alcohol-related incidents during the voluntary period of the AIA.

The Everett AIA was developed in consultation with the WSLCB and with other communities that have established AIA programs. Representatives from Olympia, Tacoma and Spokane report that their programs have been effective in reducing alcohol-related issues and associated criminal activity.

Comments on Everett’s application can be emailed to rules@lcb.wa.gov or mailed to WSLCB, 3000 Pacific Avenue SE, Olympia, WA, 98504, by Monday, Aug. 15. Visit the WSLCB website for more details.

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