Few Details In Central Everett Shooting

July 28, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

few details

The victim is loaded into a medic unit for a trip to the hospital.

For those wondering what the police and fire activity was near 73rd and Jefferson Thursday night we have few details. Shortly after 8:30 PM Police were called to 73rd and Jefferson just west of Broadway on reports of shots fired. Arriving police officers found a male victim on Jefferson street who appeared to have been shot. Patrol officers from Everett Police were working with witnesses and gathering statements. It looked to MyEverettNews.com that police and medics were talking with the victim. He was taken by medic unit to the hospital. Officers on the scene were just getting going into the early stages of the investigation and had no information on the circumstances or any suspect details.

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10 Responses to “Few Details In Central Everett Shooting”

  1. Enwurd_Snowden Says:

    you said it @Mike N

    if you JUST avoid certain places and certain undesirable *cough* *cough* “ghetto” people you are certain no to be the victim of crime. I mean like the three suburban kids shot in Mukilteo the other day, why weren’t they at church instead of a house party? We all know its just the poor and frankly brown people who are involved in violence & drugs, no way your darling kids end up opoid addicts or lay bleeding out on the street.

    It’s in-con-thivable!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Its actually not the ghetto. My family lives just across the street from the shooting and I am very thankful none of them were shot or injured from this drama.

    • Enwurd_Snowden Says:

      You guys didn’t get the memo that white suburbanites are immune to gun fire? That sort of thing is for hood-dwellers.

    • AnonEmouse Says:

      WRONG-O rosy glasses lady. You live in Everett. You DO live in the ghetto.

  3. Brian Says:

    I live two houses away, saw it happen.

    We don’t live in a get toe or hood. The criminals have been fleeing our gentrifying neighborhood for a few years now.

    The clowns involved yesterday are leaving now too.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The so called clowns involved yesterday where actually in the middle of moving when this happened. They didnt want to live in the neighborhood anymore because of the racist people that lived in the yellow house behind them and the old racist couple that lived next to them. The only cool neighbors was the family that lived across the street and they are so very kind and non judgemental. Very sad that minorities feel they have to move because of some racists families Around our neighborhood. None Of theese boys where criminals, but already having that label on them with all the hate crimes going on I dont blame them for moving!!

      • Jossy Says:

        Your argument that they’re not involved with crime became invalid the moment they became involved with a shooting. I’m a minority who lives in the area and as much as people can be racist, its up to me to prevent them from connecting me and others like me to the criminal stereotype racist draw up. You can be a minority and go your entire life without being involved in a shooting, having criminal friends, or being involved in criminal activity. These guys didn’t and frankly if I was a neighboor I would be celebrating the fact theirmoving too.

  4. Bourne Says:

    Life is cheap in the Get-Toes of Everett.

  5. Bill Says: