PUD Contractor Hiring Meter Readers In Everett

July 27, 2016

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Hiring of contract meter readers for the Snohomish PUD is going on right now.

After the huge controversy over the Snohomish PUD switching to monthly billing, but only sending out meter readers every other month, the Snohomish PUD said it would hire more meter readers. That process appears to be under way. A MyEverettNews.com reader sent us the following job posting found on Craigslist.

National Company Now Hiring Meter Readers for local utility.
Prior meter reading experience helpful but not required. Work in all types of weather with walking up to 10 miles per day required. Responsibilities include collecting Manual meter readings in a handheld computer unit. Extensive driving throughout Everett and surrounding areas with strict deadlines for completing meter reading routes. Must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license. A good driving record and acceptable criminal history background is required. Thorough MVR and criminal history backgrounds are conducted on selected candidates. Must be able to pass pre-employment drug screen and Pre-placement physical required. No experience necessary. Will train.
Wages: $16.00/hr classroom and field training, $18.00/hr after first 30 days in field Interested individuals please visit “www.tru-check.com” and select “employment” to fill out an online interest form. Tru-Check Metering Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

According to the PUD web page devoted to the meter reading situation they expect their contractor to hire 36 people.

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14 Responses to “PUD Contractor Hiring Meter Readers In Everett”

  1. Jack kass Says:

    lol, the comments on this site are trash, like my heroin shooting neighbors 2 miles away at the shelter…they’re trash i tells ya!

  2. Bill Says:

    The prerequisites contradict with my present BMX bicycle drugging stealing lifestyle. Thanks but I make more by doing nut’n with all these handouts, PEACE. HILLARY 2016!!!!

  3. Bourne Says:

    LOL Feel the Bern.

  4. Ben Says:

    I’ve read the explanatory notes included in my bills and still can’t understand why this switch to billing every month is an improvement, or why they need more readers than they did before. If they’re still only reading meters every two months, they shouldn’t need more staff. Are they trying to fix some problems by (temporarily?) reading them every month?
    I guess some folks are living so close to the line financially that a semi-monthly bill can be a surprise and a hardship when compared to a smaller and more frequent monthly bill. I’d appreciate anybody’s explanation of this situation, and guess I ought to go read my meter myself to see if the numbers are correct.

    • Donkey Hotay Says:

      This is a reasonable question yet PUD has refused to answer it thus far. Instead they have gone to monthly meter reading while aggrievedly chiding we stubborn customers for the increased cost.

      If the answer was that poorer customers were defaulting at an increasing rate, they should have just said so.

      • Jack kass Says:

        I can understand the reasoning that this would raise the cost of electricity, but before costs can go up, they first must petition the states energy board. I don’t see this making a noticeable difference in our bills.

    • Julee Cunningham Says:

      Hi Ben,
      I’m with the PUD and wanted to provide some answers to your questions.

      We need the additional meter readers because we will be reading meters every month now rather than every other month as we have done in the past. Starting in October, PUD customers will receive a bill every month from an actual meter read rather than receiving an estimated bill every other month. We had hopes that that would help keep expenses down but found that, rightfully, a lot of our customers were unsatisfied with that approach.

      Monthly billing can be very helpful for many customers including those who are on limited incomes.

      If you would like more information about this topic please check out our website at http://www.snopud.com/AboutUs/changes.ashx?p=2797.

      • Donkey Hotay Says:

        “Monthly billing can be very helpful for many customers including those who are on limited incomes.”

        Okay, but was this the reason for moving from the 2-month cycle to the unpopular 1-month-guesstimate debacle? That’s the question in this thread. Your link pointedly avoids answering the question and merely describes the convoluted process.