Enforcement AND Outreach – How Everett Deals With Homelessness

July 25, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

Over the last couple of years, MyEverettNews.com has done a number of stories on how Everett deals with homelessness. From trying to pass anti-panhandling laws to setting up low barrier housing, defining the costliest offenders to setting up a community fund to provide needed items, embedding social workers within the police department to contracting with a jail in south King County that will accept prisoners the Snohomish County jail will not. It’s a complicated process that is not easily explained. Recently the City of Everett produced a video that helps to clarify how Everett deals with homelessness. It’s the best explanation we’ve seen so far regarding the problems in Everett and the city’s response. Well worth 12 short minutes of your time…

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