Enforcement AND Outreach – How Everett Deals With Homelessness

July 25, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

Over the last couple of years, MyEverettNews.com has done a number of stories on how Everett deals with homelessness. From trying to pass anti-panhandling laws to setting up low barrier housing, defining the costliest offenders to setting up a community fund to provide needed items, embedding social workers within the police department to contracting with a jail in south King County that will accept prisoners the Snohomish County jail will not. It’s a complicated process that is not easily explained. Recently the City of Everett produced a video that helps to clarify how Everett deals with homelessness. It’s the best explanation we’ve seen so far regarding the problems in Everett and the city’s response. Well worth 12 short minutes of your time…

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14 Responses to “Enforcement AND Outreach – How Everett Deals With Homelessness”

  1. AnonEmouse Says:

    That director of housing from Catholic community services is a slumlord if I’ve ever seen one.

  2. AnonEmouse Says:

    The REAL problem here is not homelesness. Many of those people CHOOSE to be homeless. I mean heck, why not? You can shoot up anytime you want, rent money can buy a LOT of drugs, and you can just go around beating each other up and stealing from the good people to get your fix. What incentive do these people have to be a contributing member of society? None. Least of all in this drug loving town.

  3. Bourne Says:

    More ineffective city programs that will never end only grow larger.

  4. Mike N Says:

    Ok, I watched it. It’s too bad there is never an opposing viewpoint allowed in these puff-pieces put out by the city. Many of the statements uttered in the video are patently ridiculous, and should used to bolster the opposite argument.

    There is a much more cost effective way of dealing with this. It’s a simple, two-part system. Help the people that want help. Use CHART if you like. But then JETTISON the rest. WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO HELP THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT OUR HELP, people. And we are tired of our tax dollars being flushed away by self-serving do-gooders.
    It comes down to this: do you want a healthy, vibrant city full of hard-working, tax-paying citizens contributing to the greater good, or do you want a depressed city that is circling the drain because its resources were spent foolishly on vagrants who drag the community down with them?

  5. Donkey Hotay Says:

    Wasn’t that embedded social worker let go with no explanation? Does this propaganda video explain why?

    • Insider Says:

      She was given a better job offer from SCSO.

      • AnonEmouse Says:

        Wait a second, so she took a job that will remove her from most if not all of the people in this video, for better pay? Nice to see she’s so compassionate about her “neighbors” here at home.

  6. wa-fix Says:

    First off, the city could of taken the $10K+ budget they likely spent on that video actually helping the homeless, it is not as if we obvlious that there is a problem.

    Second, we don’t really have a homeless problem, we have an elected official problem. The city of Everett really could’ve solved this issue long ago instead of trying to pander to the left and buy votes (as Democrats always do). Flat out end panhandling, if caught, you aren’t thrown in jail, you’re sent to Seattle. Then offer work to welfare programs where the “homeless” will clean our city and engage in classes to learn how to be apart of society. Last, enforce a mandatory drug testing for all recipients, there is literally not a single reason these people should be on drugs.

    • Mark Warren Says:

      You REALLY dont get it.

      You dont understand homelessness and really… you dont care. Because afterall… you have had a hard life and you made it… right? And if you can do it, anyone can. But maybe you dont have mental issues? Maybe you have gotten the help you needed when you needed it. Maybe you were not kicked off your job in 2007 and maybe your skills were still needed after the bush recession. Many were not. Many people were working for a minimum wage in 2007 and dint have a family or friends to fall back on. Maybe when you get laid off in a recssion and were only a week away from losing your home because of the wages, maybe no one else will hire you now.

      But you did it, so can anyone else. I LOVE how you want to deal with poor people. If they do something you dont like, you want them arrested and sent to Seattle… ‘Out of sight, out of mind’… and of course you want to put the homeless to work… but you wont feed them or house them, just make them work… like indentured servants of the city.

      I can only hope that you get thrown on the streets and are reduced to panhandling… or your children, that would be even better. Because you NEED to hurt bad. YOU need to feel what it feels like to have to beg for help. You NEED to see your children suffer. To see them need medical help and not be able to get it because of the way you look. Because that is the ONLY way you convicts feel compassion. Its when it happens to you. Otherwise, those people are just weak.
      And I will bet you call yourself a Christian also. Because you are the most self righteous pigs on the planet.


      • Donkey Hotay Says:

        Always personal attacks. Always insults. Always evil.

        Liberalism is mental illness.

      • wa-fix Says:

        Haha yeah personal attacks on me and he doesn’t know one thing about me other than a few comments left on this site. His entire essay was generalizations which in my opinion is more offensive than my post. But I’ll look past it. He’s probably a Hillary loving (thinks she did no wrong) athiest who has nothing to live for except voting how the media and political elite who are power hungry tell him.

        I will comment and say that you are wrong about how some MUST panhandle. WRONG, you can work at the local McDonalds of which is hiring to get started instead of begging for years on end. I see the same lame idiot ‘Pat in the Hat’ on 128th and Mill Creek BLVD every day and have seen him every day for years. He makes it his lifestyle, by choice, to be a beggar.

        And there is nothing wrong with work the welfare and drug testing to ensure our laws are being followed before giving tax dollars to assist. Nothing at all except it makes people accountable.

      • Bourne Says:

        Somebody should switch to DeCaf.

      • GeoffTheGodofBiscuits Says:

        Drug testing welfare recipients costs more taxpayer dollars than it “saves”.


        The fact that McDonald’s is hiring does not mean that they will hire anybody. You think they will hire someone who has been living out of a car for a year, who hasn’t seen a doctor or a dentist in ages over a high school kid who gets to shower everyday and is covered by their parents insurance, and who only needs part time hours? They won’t.

  7. Bourne Says:

    Are there metrics to better understand whether the homeless situation in Everett is improving or degrading? Comparison with the rest of the county? State? How much is being spent to fight homelessness in Everett? It would be helpful to publish these statistics if available….or not.